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Is anti-trust action a good way to deal with tech companies?


Hello I'm Nicholas Thompson I'm the editor in chief of WIRED This is Tech in 60 Seconds

Let's go! It is certainly a way to get the attention of tech companies They fear it massively But breaking up these companies into different components – way harder than most people think Why yes they're totally changing the operating system of the iPad They've given it a new name

They are making it more like a computer and less like a big phone or a tweener more like a laptop Some are discriminatory But it's hard to see whether the problems are with the data the advertisers have the data Facebook has, the interactions between the two And in fact to make ads not discriminatory Facebook would have to figure out the race, gender, of all of its users which could involve privacy violations So very complicated, hard to get right, but something to work on Last The Rant: there are way too many robocalls

They're coming in nonstop If my phone wasn't on airplane mode one would probably come in right now The FCC has started some action but they should do way more All right See you next week

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