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iPhone X 2018 release may see smartphone get a big change to its screen ● Tech News ● #TECH


IPHONE X 2018 may receive support for the Apple Pencil when it releases later this year, according to a new report from a market intelligence firm TrendForce has declared Apple "plans" to release three new iPhone models this year

The report from the company echoed prior rumours the Cupertino-based giant will launch a direct successor to the current iPhone X, a bigger iPhone X with a 65-inch screen in addition to a cheaper iPhone model that also features an all-screen design It claimed the regular iPhone X will retain a screen size of 58-inches while the cheaper variant will come in at 61-inches

TrendForce added Apple will be able to reduce the cost of the model designed to be more affordable by fronting it with an LCD panel instead of the OLED present on the current iPhone X Although such a move could reduce manufacturing costs, the screen on the cheaper iPhone model could look less premium OLED technology allows colours to pop and blacks to appear incredibly deep One of the most interesting points made about the displays in the new report is the mention of forthcoming Apple Pencil support with the new iPhone models The implementation of the Apple Pencil could make sense, especially if Apple does decide to announce a new iPhone X with a monstrous 6

5-inch display TrendForce also expects Apple to add a new storage option with its latest batch of iPhone models The firm declared the successor to the iPhone X and the bigger iPhone X could feature 512GB of storage It claimed this would be in addition to 64GB and 256GB variants The more cost effective iPhone will not come with such an option, it added

Instead it will only be available in 64GB and 256GB iterations Another difference between the cheaper iPhone and its premium brothers was also insisted upon The new iPhone X and its bigger companion will come with 4GB of RAM while the budget iPhone will only come with 3GB, TrendForce claimed

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