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iPhone X 2018 : Apple’s new smartphone could launch with a long awaited accessory ● Tech News #TECH


IPHONE X 2018 could launch alongside a long-awaited Apple accessory next month when the company holds a presumed hardware event at its Cupertino headquarters Apple is widely expected to launch three iPhone models next month – one will be a direct successor to the current iPhone X while another will be a larger version of the flagship that could be dubbed the iPhone X Plus

A more affordable iPhone has also been widely rumoured to debut – this will also supposedly feature an all-screen design The device will allegedly be cheaper by using an LCD display instead of the current iPhone X's OLED panel But the three smartphones could launch alongside an Apple accessory that has been highly-anticipated for some time Apple announced its wireless charging mat dubbed AirPower last September – at the time the company insisted users would be able to get their hands on the new product in 2018 But the tech giant has not widely discussed the new accessory since

However, a new report from Chongdiantou, spotted by Loveios insists AirPower will arrive next month Claiming to have spoken with insiders familiar with Apple's plans, the Chinese outlet insisted the accessory will sell for 1,000 yuan This translates to roughly £11379 or $14530

Such a release date echoes an earlier report from Bloomberg that claimed Apple had previously hoped to release AirPower in June, but had to delay the accessory's launch AirPower promises to charge three Apple products at the same time – the tech giant has insisted devices can be placed anywhere on the pad to receive juice No official price or release date for the product has been announced yet But it is presumed Apple's hugely popular AirPods will receive a new case to coincide with the release of AirPower to allow them to wirelessly charge On Apple's website discussing AirPower an image of the AirPods is shown receiving juice wirelessly

The new case also features a light indicator to show charging progress Apple fans eagerly awaiting new hardware will not have to wait long to see if the latest rumours are true

Source: Youtube

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