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iPhone SE2 ?& iPhone XI ?Three NEW Apple 2019 Smartphones?


Apple, despite the frankly weak sales of smartphones in the 2018 model year, plans to release three smartphones in 2019 In 2019, it will show two flagship and one low-cost iPhone SE2, according to Street Journal

In fact, this year Apple will offer a complete analogue of last year’s line in terms of the number of gadgets and their positioning, but the devices themselves will get more modern equipment Names of Apple Smartphone 2019 According to the publication, the new Apple smartphones will come out under the names of iPhone SE2, iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max and iPhone XR 2019, Where XI Max is the new flagship of the entire line and a descendant of the current XS Max The iPhone XI will replace the iPhone XS, while the iPhone XR, which, despite the decline in production, Apple calls the best-selling in the 2018 line, will be replaced by the XR 2019 Names are not currently approved and may change to the previously scheduled September 2019 announcement Distinctive features Unlike the iPhone XS and XS Max, almost completely copied from the iPhone X two years ago, the new iPhone SE2, iPhone XI and XI Max will get more differences from its predecessors

According to available data, the older iPhone XI Max will be equipped with a triple main camera, which, however, even Huawei P20 Pro has, which debuted in March last year The third sensor will be equipped with ultra wide-angle optics The basis of the screen will again be the OLED matrix, the fate of "monobowl" remains unknown The iPhone XI's rear camera module will only combine two sensors, like the iPhone X and XS, but the resolution of both will increase The screen uses OLED, potentially also without a cutout for the front camera

Source: Youtube

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