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    Iphone is in danger! | Windows 10 on calculator? | Crazy Tech News


    Hi guys in this video we will talk about the crazy recent tech news you should be aware of watch this video til the end welcome to sidtech guys my name is Siddesh Welcome to this video Welcome back to the video guys Just like millions of people out there or maybe just like me yall thought that the iphone 11 camera is the worlds best and number camera? So guys you and I could be a lil wrong here! Because finally there is a new phone into the market who has defeated the iphone 11 pro camera Yes you heard it right! This camera phone is the new Huawei mate 30 pro As you all must be aware huawei was very much in news due to the US AND CHINA TRADE WARb Because of which USA had banned all chinese phones So finally i guess china has back answered with its new camera phone Which comes with a GOOGLE LESS operating system DXOmark publication has recently revealed this news You might ask whats dxo! Its a publication based in paris who performs camera tests andwrites reports and reviews! So they have revealed this news that when they compared and tested these 2 camera phones Thats when huawei mate 30 pro camera actually turned out to be better than the iphone 11 pro's camera Yeah you heard that right and if i show you the scores So iphones score was around 117 and huawei's score was around 121! So guys the believe of USA has been broken That we are the only best And china has been trying to break it even more further! Guys do you like to show off how mant likes your instagram post gets? So i got a pretty bad news for yall! because instagrams head adam mosseri he has revealed in an conference that they have started to test an update in 6 countries which will hide the likes count on an instagram post! and also very soon it will be here in India! as yall know instagram has been getting alot of updates so this one will be one of em and along with that he also said IG wants to make people focus more on content and not how many likes a post gets!! Got no idea what sense does that make but this was the new new i thought you should be aware of! Guys if we are anyway talking IG lemme also tell you that now there are robots on instagram I think yall might know this thing but im not talking abou6 those bots who are there to increase your likes comments and following But im actually talking about robot influencers who are interactive, makes money and shiz as yall can see it on screen their profile These are the robots who work make money and shitpo posts pictures on instagram and alot more stuff yall can see 2-3 robots on screen but you can actually check their following to find some more robots if you wish! AI and machine learning has gone so far that its able to allow machines to do all that shit! So this kinda is a very big technological advancement! and as far as the issue that bothers scientists if they should give emotional power to machine or not guys atleast until 100-150 years i really dont see that happening but maybe after thhat this thing could actually be possible but lemme also tell you that if bots get ability to think and feel like humans so then if people are so selfish just think if those bots become selfish they might just destroy the whole human existence and if u want a separate video on this topic then ill make just lemme know in the comment section down below but for now this was one crazy tech news i thought yall should be aware of! Guys do yall know that a developer named ben has booted win 10 on a calculator yeah guys previously we have seen win 10 to be booted on one plus 6t but this time developers have crossed the limit this guy actually booted win 10 on calculator its pretty obvious it wont be like our system win10 but its an IOT version of it which will have certain restrictions and limitations but still its hard to digest to be bale to have boot win 10 on calculator guys win 10 sometimes dont run on our system due to lack of specs but developers have gone so advance theyre able to put it in win10 with 256 mb of ram! and its obvious that the calculator wasnt any ordinary one but it was an advanced calculator like the HP graphical calculator as you can see on screen he also said he got some errors in the start but after that i finally managed to boot it up successfully! so this was a new crazy tech news that you should be knowiing about! guys do yall think that the prices of iphone 11 are high? so guys i got a bad news for ya if you are an iphone lover or something! because the 2020 launchging iphone 12 the pricing is gonna be way too highN because its gonna be coming with 5G support 120hz refresh rate and alot w that its processor is gonna be increased by 35 percent! but the pricing of this phone is gonna be around 2 lakh rupees! apple has also revealed that the changes we will bring to this device will be worth every penny! But still guys 2 lakh rupees for a phone? obv if u got the moeny then u might wanna go for it but thiis was something new you shouldve been aware of so guys along with this we have come to an end with the last news which is xiaomi note 10 108 mp camera and if i tell u one thing about this camera its literally the top camera in the market! yes i said previously iphone was defeated by huawei n that shit but here we are talking about the primary lens which is of 108 MP ITS obv that the sensor of this phone is also gonna be bigger This camera is litreally the camera KING BUT IT ALSO HAS ITS OWN DRAWBACKS as its processor is of snapdragon 730g and people have faced issue of laggss with thie device but if you want a camera phone which is unbeatable in the market so vuys xiaomi has created a history because with those magpixels its worlds first! and the image quality is just number 1 you can check those on Yt and itll blow your mind iphone is nothing in terms of camera or if we compare primary lens problem is i think ram is a bit low and processor couldve been a better one! maybe with future updates they will be fixing that its pricing in India wil be around 55k to 60k which is lesser than iphone but the camera quality is far better! if you are a camera lover or a mobile camera enthusiast then you can consider this one for sure! So uys this was todays video about the crazy tech news and if u feel i should bring more such videos to you please tell me in the comments below if you like this video please like comment and share dont forget to subscribe to my channel and dont forget the links in the decription below guys ill see u in my next video Goodbye!!

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