iPhone 12 Review | From a Samsung S21 User

This is my iPhone 12 review, from my perspective as a …

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  1. i love so much the s21 but theres a small problem with the skin tone isn´t accurate yet or with the golden hour doesnt look too nice with the s21
    i hope samsung can imporve that 🙁

  2. With Crapple Err-Apple's latest phone, How much would a screen repair cost and more importantly how long will I be with out my device, but more importantly left hanging without my critical data?
    I ask because what if the closest "Genius Bar" possibly several hundred kilometres don't have a laser to remove the shattered screen, and then what about the pairing system or re-programmer to pair the new components back to the phone so that all functionality is returned?

    Will it have to be shipped to the nearest Genius bar because there are no repairers locally, and then from there shipped to the screen repair centre and then from there to the Pairing facility and then back to the screen replacement centre or original genius bar to which once it arrives back they bill me and then shipped only after my payment has been transferred to ALL RESPECTIVE repairers involved?

    Crapple Err-Apple earned that name because they make their products so that a repair costs more than a new phone and if you choose to repair they will hold your precious data to ransom for as long as they like if not lose it, because they wanted your old one in some landfill and for you to buy a new one..

  3. Is true that iphone's are turning off completly when its really cold or really hot outside? And is it worth to switch on iphone 12 beacouse i'm using android for 5 years?

  4. I enjoyed watching this video loved how you talk about the in-depth on both phones coming from an iPhone user I feel like both phones are good it just depends on what the person wants in a phone either simplicity or to do more stuff on their phone then you would need an android phones .

  5. I have a iPhone 6 from 4 year ego crack screen but is working so why I have to pay to any company more money to give me less hardware and software don’t get it !! Three lenses two lenses or one lenses is just pictures !! I mind don’t get me wrong if you are Youtuber or Instagram celebrity of course you need the best of the best but for a regular person not worth!!

  6. also i think you forgot to mention that apple is tricking people with the charger. see, the iphone 11 came with a lighting to usb a charger and a usb a wall adapter. the iphone 12, however, came ipwith a lighting to usb c charger, meaning that unless you already have a usb c power brick (which is rare for the average user) you must either use another cable (which would be waste since that means you have to likely throw out your new one) or buy a power adapter that uses usb c (which means that you are wasting since that will come in its own packaging) apple may be reducing their carbon footprint, but at the cost of their users'.

  7. I think the fact that you have to use Lightning cables to charge your iPhone is a MAJOR downside. From my experience, chances for a USB-C cable to be around, are higher than chances of there being a lightning cable around.

  8. totally iphone. i was a samsung user but damn they stop updating after 2 years while iphone has no limit. samsung has this flickering bug in their system. my note 8 had it. apple has a better software processor than samsung. hahaha. good luck if you’re a samsung user.

  9. i switched to Samsung s21 from iPhone because… I dont' have to take off my mask to unlock my phone… the onscreen fingerprint unlock is lit. It is more convenient than typing your passcode especially when your in public places. Just my thought… but yeah, i agree, iPhone looks premium but for now, id go for ease of use…

  10. Apple doesn’t use 120hz screens only because of the fact that it can damage your battery life with time, they just think about the batteries more than the screen which is just good

  11. ive had a samsung and an iphone and personally i think iPhone is better. Many of the features samsung has is useless to many people along with the UI not being as aesthetically pleasing.

  12. ive had a samsung and an iphone and personally i think iPhone is better. Many of the features samsung has is useless to many people along with the UI not being as aesthetically pleasing.

  13. Lol in my country Samsung is worst cuz they bundle us Exynos with high cost even than Apple 😂😂 So If we are spending much we need to use it for long btw Samsung updates are worst my Old S10 plus heats up like a cooker now but my iPhone XR works like a charm with no issues. I hate Samsung for drilling ads in UI too.

  14. $879 to $799 in my opinion is not significantly more. If your shopping for premium phones $80 is nothing and most people it wouldn't matter. btw, you forgot to mention, you get 3 months free with apple music and 1 year apple tv. As far as the 120 vs 60 htz, not a big deal, think about it, it's something your swiping to get away from, who cares if u cant read it. Its more of a big deal with gaming and TV'S. Btw 120 htz is a battery killer. Most people i know who have it on there samsungs, keep it off. As far as the bodies are, iphone has an aluminum build (pro's have stainless steel) and feels better and sturdier in the hand and also has ceramic shield screen which can take a good fall.

  15. You should learn how to use pro mode on the s21. You can YouTube it. There are professional photographers that give tutorials. I can send their links. It really changes how you vlog and take pics

  16. Absolutely love my iPhone 12 Pro. You can not beat the Apple support (here in the US) they are absolutely amazing. iCloud is pretty cheap a month is you need that extra gb. Yes everyone’s complaining about the wall plug not being in boxes but let’s be honest we have those wall plugs laying all around the house and most of the time it’s cheaper to grab a wall plug and long charger on Amazon.

  17. Can someone tell her that using iphone for a week is not enough to understand and love Iphone.

    1st of all iphone 12 has 64GB which is much better than S21 128GB. Don’t judge me let me explain.

    IOS takes 7GB space while android 11 or one UI 3 takes 21 GB. Other than that IOS is very smart. It off loads unused apps to empty space by itself. whenever you will click on it, it will start from where you left.
    IOS converts your photos into thumbnails and store it in Icloud. So you have all your photos but your phone will still have the storage left.

    Any android phone will fill itself by the 3rd year , even if it’s 128 GB due to loads of bulky temp files. which you can’t delete. I am an iphone 11 pro user and still after 3rd year 64 GB is enough.

    even google cloud storage base amount is much more than icloud.

    Now photos are awesome and videos on iphone with dolby vision is astonishing..!! even s21 ultra can’t match that.

    Raw performance is miles ahead of Samsung..!! Apple ecosystem is much more ahead than any other android device..

    s21 has a plastic back and iphone feels much more premium..!! ios security features are mikes ahead than any other android phones.

    I don’t think iphone charge you more they charge you for what they offer..
    s21 will always be on top on spec sheet while iphone is way ahead in your hand..

  18. just a comment on the brick issue-
    1. they have to phase it out eventually
    apples goal is to eventually achieve wireless charging completely so this would be changed anyways
    2. for those people that don't already have a brick, they will purchase one, and by the time the next phone comes out, less people will need to purchase a brick seperately, so really this is good for the environment in the long run.

  19. How does your phone know that is near you. What if you leave your phone on the table and then someone steals it and the phone think its near you. From my personal experience iPhones are much better in privacy, And in many others things.

  20. I own an Samsung phone now and I've wanted to watch an iPhone review from an actual, normal person who is a Samsung/Android user for a while now, so this was super helpful! You were really neutral in your review and you really nailed the explanation of the differences between the two devices. Thank you! 🙂

  21. 20 watts 😂😂😂 i know apple can do better than that. What a waste.. poor steve. Back then, Apple products means innovation but now its all just a product of greediness.

  22. I love how being a Samsung user didn't make you bias when you were reviewing the iPhone! I really agreed with pretty much everything you said and I feel like everyone just buys iPhones 'cause of the camara and the hype. Really good video 🙂

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