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iPhone 11 Pro has the best smartphone cameras yet | comparison with P30 Pro and Galaxy Note 10+


In our previous flagship camera comparison we declared the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ as the best smartphone for photography now with the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro and its swanky new triple camera setup Samsung's top spot could be in trouble hammer shot for mr phone and in this video we're gonna be comparing the Samsung Galaxy Note n plus against the iPhone 11 Pro and just for fun we've added the Huawei 330 pro as well let's get this video started but before we move on don't forget to hit that subscribe button and them alike and right next to it to get notified whenever mr

phone puts out an awesome new tech video this is going to be an incredible comparison similarly we never have more such great comparisons firstly let's quickly take a look at the camera specs on offered if you discount the fourth time of flight camera on the no 10 plus and the p30 pro all the three phones come with the triple camera setup wide ultra wide and telephoto you can pause here to take a closer look at the specs while I move on after all your complaints about changing the shooting location I have a new one for you this time we shot at 30 second milestone which is a gorgeous man-made marketplace in Gurgaon let's start with the first one here you can see that the p30 pro is a tad bit underexposed the iPhone 11 through and the note 10 plus is samples look quite similar but the difference is the tad bit of over sharpening on the notes and classes sample that you could see at close crop switch into the second image you can see that the p30 pro looks muddied and haze in comparison to the other phones the iPhone 11 Pro has clearly captured a more accurate color tone with the right shade of blue green and Red's the note 10 plus tends to over saturate to make it look more appealing as for the details there is not much telling the two apart at close crop the corner to corner sharpness is however better on the iPhone 11 pro here's another picture near carnatic cafe where the iPhone 11 Pro has an upper hand with excellent exposure control and in the final picture the p30 pro goes back to being a little bit of a hazy mess and the Nodell plus has heightened the Reds on the brick structure of the well to look orange even the details at close dropper better on the iPhone 11 Pro the iPhone 11 Pro is clearly the better shot of the three here overall my primary camera tests the iPhone 11 Pro is clearly the winner for ultra wide shots I have shot the same location so you can also see the colorscience parity first things first the note n+ has a slightly wider field of view compared to the other two also the camera captures a better dynamic range and details as well as is the case with the regular wide the Reds the greens and the blues pop in the second picture compared to the more accurate tone of the iPhone level throw in the third image you can see better dynamic range in the note 10 plus a sample and poppy colors as well and the final image hits the nail on the head with the dynamic range and details there for the note n + s my pick for the best ultra wide camera it comes with telephoto shots the p30 bro has an immediate advantage with its 5x optical zoom lens which means that you can go in closer to a subject however when you shoot 2x images the details are not on par with the iPhone 11 throw or the no 10 plus especially when you take a closer look at the first image for example but you can crop in closer and that is definitely an advantage in the second image we can again see a hazy P 30 Pro image the note address is definitely not color accurate whereas the iPhone 11 Pro is the final image just bolsters that fact just take a look at the color accuracy and the details on the iPhone level Pro to exhume short it is definitely way better just because the p30 Pro can do 5x optical zoom I'm giving this rounded ty otherwise I really prefer the 2 X optical zoom on the iPhone 11 Pro and even then more 10 plus for that matter in a bid to make the pictures more natural-looking the p30 Pro tends to make warm images and takes a life out of them the scene was far more captivating to my eyes than what I managed with the p30 Perl for sure coming to the close-up shots the first flower is a pink one with a light gradient that should trouble the cameras however the iPhone 11 Pro managed to do an excellent job of color reproduction and reproducing high fidelity texture at close crop the p30 Pro is not too bad either but the note in plusses tendency to boost the rates turns fatal for this picture the Pink's bleed across petals and it looks rather unappealing and the next picture just cranks up the issue to a hundred it just look at the color bleed you literally cannot see the individual petals Apple just clearly kills it out here now let's make it easier for the other two cameras by shooting a white flower considering the iPhone 11 Pro just handles Reds better the iPhone 11 throws image is warm here compared to the note 10 process which is on the cooler side the new iPhones definitely take the white point and you know make it slightly warmer that I've seen across a lot of images the p30 pro could have cranked up the exposure a bit to make the picture more appealing if you ask me on the contrary though it has the color accuracy spot-on which is one thing that the p30 pro is doing definitely well but I'd close the clock the no 10 plus and the iPhone level Pro have more details overall though the iPhone 11 pro is clearly the most trustworthy camera of the three if you want to go close to a subject and if you want to capture extremely bright reds I have a couple of portrait shots the first one of Nitesh is taken using the main camera on all the three phones it's not using the telephoto camera the iphone looks immediately attractive and the facial tone is incredible too in fact at close the club you can clearly see more details on the face and the t-shirt as well but the chinks in the armor are revealed when you see the edge cut out while the quality of blur in the background looks phenomenal the patch of beard on the right cheek is missing apple's edge cut out has always been aggressive and this affects the final image in ways like this the edge cut out is decent on the note 10 plus but it is the p30 Pro dive does a fantastic job overall in fact the level of blur in the background on the p30 Pro and the note 10 plus is very similar to the iPhone 11 Pro in the next image again the iPhone 11th row and the note 10 Plus botch up the edge detection looks like the portrait photos from these phones is the universe's Way of telling me to get a shave never mind anyway once again the p30 pro gets it right at first glance the iPhone 11th row will be everyone's choice for portrait shots thanks to the excellent facial tones and the overall quality of the photo but we have to take a look at this technically and the software algorithm on the Peter de troyes clearly better but let's not forget that the iPhone Levin pro does have an edge with all the portrait lighting modes including the new high key more no one like you can see in the pictures out here and the p30 Pro has a high resolution front camera it is the no 10 plus and the iPhone 11 Pro that take impressive selfies however there is not much telling the two apart when it comes to facial tones as both the phones have done an excellent job of staying true to life but the no 10 Plus selfie is definitely crisper and therefore I'd go with the no 10 plus for selfies over the iPhone eleventh row and the p30 Pro when it comes to selfie portraits though all the three phones do an excellent job of edge cutout and blurring the background but the face tones are better on the iPhone and then note and therefore these phones come out on top in the selfie portrait test coming a video recording let's start with 4k video the p30 pro tops out at 30fps recording where is it other two phones can go up to 60fps however only the iPhone 11 Pro comes with image stabilization where is a note 10 plus does not and we can see that clearly in the footage short here at 4k 60fps so I'd suggest that you stick to 4k 30fps on the North End plus the p30 Pro doesn't do a bad job at work in 30 FPS but it definitely under exposes the foreground the dynamic range pull in final bit of the video looks stunning on the iPhone 11 Pro and so does a stabilization Apple has seriously improve the video recording quality by multitudes the no turn press except for the lack of stabilisation captures an equally impressive footage but the iPhone 11 throw is better by the way you can clearly see some lens flare happening on both the note 10 plus and the iPhone 11 throw as for the sound recording quality the iPhone 11 Pro again takes the lead here but the note n plus and the p30 Pro offer excellent audio recording as well in fact it is very close to the fidelity of the iPhones sound alright guys we are shooting a 4k video using all the three phones as we are walking with the phones in our hand right now you can see the image steps in the sound recording as I'm speaking behind the phones and the image quality as well as I pan around slightly now and show you guys how these phones can handle dynamic range and that looks overall though the iPhone 11 pro is clearly the better phone for video recording at 4k 60fps now when it comes to 1080p 30fps recording which is the mode most of us are gonna be using the p30 Pro bounces back with excellent stabilization and sound recording as well however you can see the noise around the thirty second milestone building where the Sun is behind it in this test we can also see that the iPhone 11 pro tends to under expose the building so that it can bring in more details in the tonal range of the skyscape look at it individually though the sky just looks stunning the note 10 plus does it the other way where it compromises on the bright sunlight and the highlight clipping that happens in the background to light up the building well in any case overall the iPhone 11 Pro once again comes on on top with the note 10 plus and the p30 Pro following it closely in the second and third spots respectively the best feature of modern day fraction phones is the ability to shoot wide-angle video all the three phones can shoot at 4k but only the iPhone 10 to 60fps now what I noticed is that the iPhone 11 throw and the P 30 pros footage had a similar file size almost half compared to the no-tell Plus this is because the no 10 class shoots at higher bit rates and therefore you can see that the image looks crisper as well now when it comes to dynamic range the iPhone just beats the pants out of the other two phones just look at the gorgeous guy beaming in blue and orange that is exactly how the scene looked to the naked eye but when it comes to stabilization that note 10 plus wins the race in fact the p30 Pro doesn't even offer stabilization at 4k 30fps which is a letdown colors are punchy on both the note 10 plus and the iPhone 11th row by the way I noticed something about sound recording here which is also true for the other modes the p30 Pro offers excellent noise cancellation but it cuts out the low end of the frequency spectrum as a result therefore my voice sounds thinner than it actually is there is no bass out there alright so now we're shooting a 4k 30fps wide-angle footage using the three cameras all the three phones can shoot in 4k 30fps using the wide-angle camera if you only walk and show you guys how this looks in fact the iPhone can actually shoot 60fps as well I'll slightly pan around right none right now I'll show you guys how these phones can handle dynamic range with the wide-angle camera the iPhones just looking starting you guys I'd rather take the slightly and up external noise for a true representation of my vocal fidelity instead the iPhone 11th row and the note 10 plus are better in this regard that is to say in sound recording I'm tired of saying this but the iPhone leads the pack again so the iPhone 11 Pro can also shoot 4k 60fps video using the front camera Apple has really gone the whole hog with video recording honestly but for this comparison we've tested for hit 30 HP's recording on the iPhone 11 Pro and the note 10 plus I couldn't tell any difference in the two footages it was almost as if I shot both the videos from the same phone obviously the p30 Pro lags behind considering all of that I'm going with the iPhone 11 throw at top spot just because it can also do 4k 60fps using the front camera because that matters hey it can also do slow-motion videos using the front camera no I am NOT going to call it that word I know what were you talking about any say the iPhone will Pro is definitely at the top here as well when it comes to front camera video recording which is basically selfie videos all right so the final video test is 240 FPS slow-motion video the no 10 plus and the p30 pro can go up to 9 60 FPS low so that gives these phones and immediate edge but head-to-head you can see that the slow-motion recording and good lighting condition is pretty good on all the three phones barring the other parameter such as exposure control colors and details I have no complaints here in indoor testing I notice that the iPhone has captured a warmer color temperature than it actually is you could clearly tell from the fact that I was shooting the area near the white tube light so yes basically anywhere there's a white source of light the iPhone tends to make the picture slightly warmer of course you can color correct this in post however what the iPhone does get right is the overall color accuracy the colors of the curtains and the pillows are spot-on the note 10 process oversaturated the colors and you can spot some color bleeding to the p30 pro for some odd reason has underexposed the whole image in fact even the dynamic range is fantabulous on the iPhone 11 Pro the p30 blow comes out a dog when it comes to sharpness in details at hundred percent crop so no ten plus has a soft image and the iPhone 11 Pro takes the middle ground where it gets all the details but the noise remains overall I'm calling this rounded tie with the p30 Pro and the iPhone 11 through as joint winners with the note 10 plus trailing behind when it comes to selfies captured indoors the iPhone level pro does a good job with color accuracy of the red t-shirt and the background the facial tones and details are good too all in all the iPhone 11 Pro comes out on top in this round of testing as well this year Apple has improved the low-light performance by introducing a night mode that only kicks in automatically when it senses a low-light scenario and actually bumps up the you know shutter speed time which basically means that the shutter speed can move from anywhere between 1 seconds and close to 8 9 seconds anyway the first frame that I've shot there is some amount of light coming in from the background you can see that the p30 Pro blows the other two out of the water night mode only makes it look worse for the p30 Pro which is just funny the iPhone 11 / image looks way better with night mode on the note 10 plus looks good but the details are soft the iPhone tends to go for good details but less noise correction you can see that when you zoom into the picture this is the better way of doing processing in my opinion for the second shot I used the same frame but I switched off the light in the background once again the p30 Pro sees things that the iPhone level pro and the note 10 plus or even my naked eyes cannot this is all thanks of the ryb pixel array that is more sensitive to light with an iPod on it becomes even better here but I like what the iPhone is doing here – it keeps things more natural-looking the note 10 plus suffers from color accuracy issues with night mode on and it looks softer in a final shot there is a night and day difference quite literally between the p30 Pro and the other phones now I want to discuss something with folks who think that this is not how the scene looks in real life do you ever complain that sony alpha mark trees full-frame sensor has an end up light sensitivity and details at higher ISO no right then why should it be any different for a smartphone in fact if you want to make it look more natural and true to scene like the iPhone 11 Pro does you can drop the eye here so on the p30 Pro as well the sensor is so capable that it shot this image at 51,200 ISO that is just not we have to appreciate the capabilities of the camera here what's even funnier is sad with night mode on the p30 probe drops the ISO 2500 and watches of the color accuracy what's the point of software based algorithms with the regular camera I can do such a great job anyway the iPhone 11th row with night mode on improves the picture and retains the detail but there is a lot of noise the note in Plus tends to do aggressive noise correction and hence makes the image look soft overall though the p30 pro is still my topic for load light photography and the iPhone 11 Pro coming in closely behind that with flash on once again the p30 Pro offers cleaner details and looks better than the other two if you ask me you'd probably never ever need the flash module to begin with in low-light selfie test the iPhone 11 Pro cannot expose well and there is a lot of noises felt but the colors are spot on I think the p30 Pro is a nicely balanced selfie that is not as soft as the note 10 plus or as noisy as the eleventh row so I'd go with the p30 Pro in this round with screen flash on the note 10 plus is the brightest of the three and lights of the face plus the background really well even the DJ's at close crop are far better on the note 10 plus the iPhone 11 Pro has a better color accuracy though the p30 Pro comes in third because it adds a pink cast to my face and even the red shirt has turned into pink we have the final points tally and as you can see on your screen Apple has worked very hard to improve the camera performance on the new iPhone 11th row and of course 11 Pro max as well the Levin pro takes great pictures across different lighting scenarios that's not to say that the Galaxy Note templates or the p30 Pro are bad in fact they actually stand out with the iPhone 11 Pro in many situations in fact the Galaxy Note 101 the iPhone 11 pro can achieve and it will eventually be at awesome between what kind of image processing and what kind of color processing that you prefer you know in fact I think that the boosted colors that you'd get with the samsung galaxy note n plus is something that a lot of people might actually prefer over the iPhone 11th row and of course the p30 pro as well having said that the galaxy note tell us the best ultra wide-angle camera out there in fact I'm saying this again ever since the phone has come to our office I've been using only the ultra wide camera on the samsung galaxy note 2 n plus now the problem with the p30 Pro is that it's at the end of its life cycle and we have the maitre d pro as well of course be happened had a chance a test at house but the p30 pro actually suffers in the video department which is a bit of an issue but when it comes to night shots the p30 pros seriously is still the champion it does an excellent job that the no-tell Plus and the iPhone 11 pro cannot replicate not that they are bad but the beta D Pro is even better so in the end overall after we've taken a look at all the pictures and the final points tally the iPhone 11 Pro has actually toppled the Samsung Galaxy Note templates from its top spot and it comes up as the number one smartphone for photography according to mr phones camera tests but wait for it let's not forget this could very well change pretty soon when Google drops the pixel forth in a couple of weeks so that's it for me amateur for mister phone I hope you guys liked this video let's take you to the comment section goodbye and Godspeed my friends

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