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    Introduction to Tech Talk


    Welcome to Warner University library This video is about accessing and using the Tech-Talk resource

    Start out by going to Warneredu, click on resources in the blue banner, and scroll down to library Under library, click on general library resources and on this homepage under Royal Search or Discovery Services scroll down and click on Tech-Talk You'll be automatically logged in to Tech-Talk now Tech-Talk arms you with the missing technology and communication skills you need to get better jobs and higher pay

    It's a life long support tool so you can thrive at work and in school It's got articles and videos on the latest technology techniques and communication tips Under user activities you'll find a whole bunch of fun stuff Click on search and you can search in several ways to find exactly what you need Don't forget to discover the individual topics created for you

    Use the drop down list to see both communication and technology categories Going back to user activities you'll see that faculty can use the content in the Tech-Talk database to include in your coursework, make special assignments, or use it for extra credit There's a forum the students can fill out to report what they've learned There are two more ways to get all the info from Tech-Talk Sign up for the e-newsletter, just ask your librarian about it, or from the user activities page you can go to get the mobile app and download the Tech-Talk app on your cell or tablet

    Just go to the App Store for your device and look for Tech-Talk app Thanks for using this resource

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