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Introducing Profoto C1 and C1 Plus – The studio lights for smartphones


My name is Brandon I am a freelance portrait photographer based out of New York

Light is a part of everything I shoot And that is why in today’s video we are going to be experimenting and playing with the Profoto C1 Plus Natural light can definitely be super unpredictable Especially if you were shooting on a smartphone, which I know a lot of us do So, can you hold these and stand in front of this little backdrop? Ok

We are going to switch up the temperature and make it kind of like a warmer glow So, me and Cailee moved to a different location It is a little bit darker, so I am going to bring it down between natural and dramatic lighting We are going to shoot in front of this wall of mirrors It is kind of backlit, so we are going to use the C1 Plus to kind of give her some foreground light

Source: Youtube

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