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International Bike Tech Challenge: Who Can Find The Coolest Thing At Eurobike 2019?


– I'm here with my international colleagues, and well last night over dinner we had a good old chinwag and we decided to have a competition today We had one hour to go and find what we thought was the best thing at the show

Now, obviously, we're all going to say what we found is the best, so you at home, you're going to have to vote using the poll on-screen What is the best bit of tech? So, guys, see you in an hour All the best (action music) (speaking in foreign language) (casual music) Well, I'm pretty confident I'm going to win this one Feel like royalty coming on here

Right, this one I reckon you should all vote for, the reason being just look at this paintwork And if for no other reason, the fact that the pump matches it too, so this King bike has been built out of Columbus steel tubing, and I'll tell you what, the welds you cannot even see on here because they've then had some filler put over them and sanded down, and they look oh so special You can't even see them to be able to look at them, that's how good they are Remember to vote for me in this little contest We've then had the actual logos soldered onto the frame

Now they were painted, and then it was sanded down, it's been left in the bare metal and that looks really good You can see the craftsmanship that's been done here by Mark who's the builder of these bikes We've got standard bottom bracket in here, so a normal BSA one, there'll be people out there jumping for joy right now, because no press fit or anything I don't see what the problem is with a press fit, anyway, we're not going to go down that road We've got a pair of tune wheels on here too and they've even been painted too to match up perfectly with the bike

Carbon fiber is used on the inset of the rotors I mean, there's nothing left to the imagination here is there? I mean, is there? Certainly not for me We've got a pair of Hope calipers paired up to the Shimano Deore shifters, and we've even got a Recon titanium cassette on the back there, and if you look, the spider that it's mantled onto is in pink, too This bike, it gets my vote (speaking in foreign language) – Wow

(speaking in foreign language) (elevator music) (speaking in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) – Oh ho ho ho ho, the hour is almost up and no one else has come back! This is going to be oh so simple for me to win I knew you'd be quick back Handy around new halls, this lad, I've seen him And well, there's one more returning I'm looking forward to what you've found

I've seen you snooping about And well Giorgio, he's just got three seconds to return Oh dear! Oh! Right in the nick of time my friend, lucky lad Right, let us know down in the comment section below who has found the absolute gem in the Eurobike halls And also remember to vote using the poll on-screen right now 'cause after all, you decide

Guys, it's been an absolute pleasure It's been probably the shortest hour of my life looking around, and well best of luck And the votes are in your hands

Source: Youtube

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