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Insta360 ONE R Aerial Edition Review & Tutorial – Invisible 360 Drone Tech In-depth from a PRO


That was some pretty epic 360 drone shots, right? I will teach you how to do all that Hey what's up, everybody? It is your boy Hugh here from CreatorUp! Today, we are going to do an in-depth technical review of the Insta360 ONE R Invisible 360 Drone Mod for Mavic Pro 2

We will exam the Insta360 ONE R Aerial Edition in terms of stabilization quality, stitching quality, and post-production cost-saving We will find out who should get this and who should not And if you decide to go for it, I will show you how to set it up, and how to use the Insta360 stitching technology to get the best result This video will include the software portion of the workflow to explain everything you need to know – how easy to stitch out the drone in both mobile App and Desktop app – which is one of the advantages of this setup Invisible 360 Drone tech is not new

I have been doing that professionally for the past 5 years way before Insta360 ONE R or ONE X even exists And as always, I will cut throught the marketing hype, and explain everything in-depth, provide comparisons, and alternative solutions to help you decide your future drone investment – both in knowledge and hardware investment Who should buy this Invisible 360 Drone Mod? Almost 99% of the reviewers right now of this camera are not 360 content creators They only know how to use this camera as a reframe 2D camera, which is totally fine Reframe, also known as over capture or free capture, is to film in 360 and point your camera in post-production with apps or plugins

The end result is still a flat 2D video If you are only going to use the Drone Mod as a reframe camera and try to copy some of the cinematic FPV Drone movements, then this Mod is probably NOT for you You should really learn how to fly a real FPV drone instead As a matter of fact, you actually need FPV flying skills to operate this At least for Mavic Pro 2

More on that later Sorry to burst the bubble, I want to be real to you right now before you buy, so you don't get disappointed when this 360 drone mode does not live up to your expectations If you want to create 360 immersive content like what you saw on my channel – where you can not find the drone in a 360 video – and you want to fly indoor – then, this is a great investment One of my recent 360 videos got selected by Forbes as one of the Top 25 VR Videos Of 2019, link right here This immersive 360 video opens with an invisible drone shot that gives people the illustration of flying above Sao Paulo City

This is captured 5 months ago before Insta360 ONE R released So yes, you can create the same result without the ONE R invisible drone We will compare these two methods in this video Flying without GPS – Atti Mode As a responsible YouTuber, your safety is my first concern I don't want you to take my advice and then crash your drone with your expensive new camera system

And you will, if you don't watch this part carefully When you fly with the Mavic Pro 2 Insta360 ONE R Aerial Edition, it blocks the GPS receiver, and your drone will switch on Atti Mode – or Attitude Mode When in Atti Mode, the following safety features will be turned OFF: Return to home Obstacle avoidance and GPS location You need to understand the following dangers of flying in this mode: Your drone is more likely to crash if you are a beginner never fly or practices in atti mode If a fly away happens, the drone will NOT return to it’s original take off point Make sure to keep it within range so the signal between you and the drone is strong There is drift happening and your drone WILL move on it’s own

It will not remain still in the air Your hands have to be constantly adjusting the control to keep your drone stable against wind You have to fly within the line of sight and be alerted of your environment – like birds and people Use the DJI official controller instead of your phone or iPad for a stronger signal and better control – as you are now a real pilot If you are aware the above warnings fly according to my instructions – which is fly within the line of sights, use an official remote to avoid fly-away, and never take your hands off your controller

Then, flying in atti mode is actually lots of fun and very necessary for 360 drone operation You might think that, well, I will just wait for the Mavic Pro 1 version to have a full GPS signal But GPS is actually the reason why your movement will be jerky for 360 videos and you still can not fly indoor or on a boat where GPS will actually work against you So in short, if you want to capture good 360 video or cinematic FPV drone shots like what you saw in the Insta360 Commercials with this MOD, you need to learn how to fly in atti mode and fly like an FPV pilot Setup & Installation After the safety warning, let me quickly show you what is coming with the kits when you order the Mavic Pro 2 Invisible drone kit

The 360 drone kit comes with a different 360 lens system It is not like the TWIN edition, which is an ALL IN ONE unit The unit can be separated into two independent lens module This will be the same module used on your VR180 setup So if you intend to use Insta360 ONE R as VR180 or 360 Drone, don't buy the TWIN edition

Buy the VR180 or Drone Edition instead – it will save you some money As the Drone and VR180 edition lens module can be combined and use as a regular 360 camera like so So another unique thing about the 360 drone mod compared to TWIN edition is how the battery can be positioned vertically This is actually a request from some of my viewers, to have a vertical camera setup instead of a boxy camera like the TWIN edition As you see, ONE R now kinda looks like ONE X

Now, let's get out of the studio and get hands-on We will assemble the 360 drone in the filed So now we are going to assemble the drone with the brand new ONE R attachement And make it into a 360 Drone Let's do it

So I put all my equipment right here As you see right here let's see what we have We have a charging USB cable We have the top part of the mount right here We have the bottom part of the mount right here

And here, we have the camera unit We have the little control unit the core – display unit And then with the bracket We have 2 GoPro style mount right here And then we have the battery unit right here

So lots of moving pieces So this is actually not that hard to assemble it So it is actually very easy So first let's first put the mount together So instead of putting the top part first I will suggest actually put the bottom part first

The bottom part is just snap on Just flip that right here as you see right here This is the whole area hook straight to the drone bottom session So you just need to hook it and push it in and it already lock in See? So it lock in

Go ahead and flip it And also the trick is I will also move the bottom legs of the drone like so so I can put the drone right there on the ground If you need some leverage So then we gonna attach the top part So the top part here right here go in to right here the drone the wing of the drone

So we go ahead and align them push it and it snap on Other side push it in and snap on right here Snap sound it snap on really easy So now the mount is attached so see you can actually using the mount to hold the entire drone up so the second part is to put the camera in so go ahead and see this camera this the camera unit

So one thing about VR camera even you have lens protector you see this like kinda dirty lens so I always has a lens pen with me right here lens pen with me so before I put the lens on to the drone I always go ahead to clean the drone to clean the lens right And then make sure no dust on the lens like so see this part it serepare them this is the unit different from your regular unit So that is design for the drone mount and the VR180 MOUNT So actually I always label it top and bottom right here So I will teach you in the other tutorial on how to find out which one is the top and which one is the bottom

But when you order this this should come with the label so you know exact which one to put on top which one to put in bottom Very important don't swape them if you swape them your video will be upside down So go head put in the top part Just slide in and this is in And I will leave the bottom part last

Second thing I put on is the core unit The core unit is also very easy Make sure the LED screen make sure the LED screen on the other side right here slide in push it in and it connect to the mount and then flip on the other side see this the battery unit have a [more instruction] USB one USB here and one USB here USB-C here You can just gently put in here and it go right in

So here is the bracket last part I found it easier it is actually get the battery unit out first and actually put in the battery unit with the USB-C on the mount bracket Just push it in for now Like that Make it snag and then whole thing slide in As you see right here there is a T right here lock into this little space right here

So make sure this part is firmly attached to the mount So we can just slide the battery unit and this thing together level and then if you see the other side right here see this part connect to the USB charging power of the core unit so make sure it is align and push it in okay so that is pretty much it Last part is your flip the drone like so and put the last part of the lens right here slide in to the drone Again the whole process make sure you hand is not touching the lens so you are not leaving finger mark on your camera or lens that will ruin the footage look bad so make sure that if that is happened again use the pen to clean it Make sure that is no dust on the lens okay so one last part so if you need to secure because you have no idea what is in the air make sure the mount is super firmly secured on the drone so I also put in the go pro mount right here so when you are not flying this entire unit the way to put it down is to put the leg down like so fold it back half way then you can gently put it on the ground see the lens is not touching the ground so this unit is safe On Part 2 of this series – we will compare ONE R Aerial Edition with my other Professional 360 drone setup – also using ONE R, but the TWIN edition

So you can better understand the advantage of using ONE R Aerial Edition, in terms of post-production cost saving We will compare stabilization performance and discover potential problems and solutions to avoid the Jello Effect caused by the rolling shutter We will measure the stitching distance of ONE R Aerial Edition – so you can fly with confidence to know your subject is not in the stitch line or be cut in half – like what you see my head right here Part 2 is a must-watch if you are considering getting the Mavic Pro 2 or Pro 1 ONE R Aerial Edition Click the next video here and watch it NOW

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