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Inside Facebook's Crazy 15 Months: Tech in 60 Seconds


Hello I'm Nicholas Thompson This is Tech in 60 Seconds! Let's go! Funny you should ask! Because I just wrote 12,000 words with Fred Vogelstein about all the crazy things that happened at Facebook in the last year and a half

The craziest was fight with Instagram Combination of jealousy, resentment, anger, led to a major breakup and the departure of the founders of Instagram in September I think he hurt it He gave one of his deeply thoughtful, introspective interviews, we're getting kind of used to them, but at this point I think the public reaction was "OK, enough about feeling deeply about this Let's change the platform!" Yes! One of the good things inside this horrible tragedy is there's been a lot of really sophisticated imagery of what was burned down and now maybe it will be easier to rebuild

All right See you next week

Source: Youtube

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