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  1. Oh gsm arena have only 1 m subscribers and some people talikng about gsm arena review infinx oh omg blah blah
    Gsm arena only review the premier phones ,, 😅😅
    Wtf logic 😅😅

  2. Realme 6 : I have a mediatek g90t, and a decent 90hz screen

    Samsung a50s : i have an amoled display and a fingerprint on my screen

    Realme 6 pro : hey i have a dual front camera like s10+, 1 hr fast charge

    Redmi note 9 pro : my design is unique

    Infinix : shut up, forget about amoled, i have it all

  3. Infinix must be doing something right to be reviewed by the great GSMarena. Nonetheless I'm not sold on them. Maybe I'll stick with Xiaomi for the foreseeable future.

  4. i m from pakistan …and i m useing Infinix Note7…this is my 1st experiance with infinix but i m tottaly setisfied with infinix…note7 and zero 8 are tottaly same…same fingerprient system. camera lighting same…mostly things are same…so no need to waste your money on zero8…note 7 is best

  5. Hope theyll update ang fix the camera and screen brightness as well its almost on par with my v15 in terms of photos with v15 captures more details screen is better in v15 as well, this phone has the right parts but it also makes you feel cheap still its bang for the buck

  6. Here in Philippines Infinix had different charger!!! (18w only I think?) 🤧😭 Idk why but it's really unfair!!!… It takes at 1 and half hour – 2 hrs to charge :< so that's why many people complaining including me 😷 and also the WiFi always disconnecting (its hard to connect… only short range)
    I've read so many complaints in the group regarding this we have all the same issue (here in the Philippines)

  7. I am using Infinix Zero 8 and it has an issue. When taking a picture from whatsapp or snapchat or tik tok its front camera give a dark image but its buil-in camera app gives a lighter image means normal image. i don't know what is the issue why its happening and is it happening with only me or everyone noticed it ??

    its front camera also shoots a very dark video on tik tok. And when it comes to low light photos capturing with snapchat it gives a very very very dark image.

    Can anyone tell what's the issue is and how to fix it ???

  8. P40 Pro review: The 400nits screen is insane and good enough for outdoor use
    Zero 8 review: The 400nits screen is very dark and bad to use in sunlight
    ..? Dislike

  9. I have used my infinix zero 8 for a couple of months. However, lately, it's internet connectivity is super slow, especially when on WiFi. I've tried clearing cache, refresh, reboot and everything I've seen online but still not working. What's the solution?

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