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Infinity Signature Series Tech Talks – Tungsten Simulation


We are used to Tungsten light sources that have a very natural look "By the nature of how they work they change the colour temperature while dimming" LED fixtures rarely do that and rarely do it in a proper way "We are so used to how Tungsten fixtures do that Our brain notices that someting is wrong if a fixture doesn't work the right way" "What I like about the old Tungsten source is the colour temperature drift while dimming

" "As I dim down and dim up, the light gets more red which is very useful, especially for skin and other things" The other thing I like about Tungsten sources is the tag and release time "When I turn on the fixture it takes a little while until the wire in the fixture is heated up and at full brightness" The same thing happens when I turn off the light It has an afterglow when switching off a light "LED fixtures haven't really been able to do or simulate it very well I really like infinity's take on that to replace Tungsten fixtures" Infinity solved this by measuring real Tungsten sources and all individual dimmer levels with a spectrometer to mimic that in the LED fixtures Not only on the brightness but also for colour temperature "The result with the LED Fixture is exactly the same as the Tungsten source defined in the fixture" If you define a 750W lamp it has different characteristics from a 2000W lamp "The fixture lets me choose the Tungsten source I want to emulate and it does that very well" "If I replace a Tungsten fixture with an Infinity LED fixture and I use one channel for dimming" The fixture is smart enough to interpolate between the 8-bit source into the 16-bit dimmer without seeing any steps in the dimming If I look at 100% to 0% brightness at 8-bit that gives me 256 steps of brightness "For 16-bit that would give me 65,536 steps of brightness The higher the resolution, the better " It's important that the internal resolution of the fixture is high as well

With a 16-bit DMX controller for my fixture but internal dimming of the fixture is only 10-bits, I don't get the full resolution which leads to conversion issues "It is important to look at the internal dimming resolution that a lot of manfacturers don't even specify" "Smart thing about the Infinity fixtures is that they actually have a built-in intelligence" "The fixture is trying to sense what I as a programmer am trying to do and then executes that afterwards" "If I want to crossfade smoothly the fixture notices that and make sure all dimming goes without any big steps" "If I want to flash, the fixture is intellingent enough to figure it out and is gonna do that instantly" "A lot of manufacturers do that from 0% to 100 ot 100% to 0% but it doesn't work anymore from 20% to 80%" "The Infinity fixture figures out that even there I want to turn on the light or set it to 80% instantly instead of cross-fading smoothly" And I think that's a very clever move

Source: Youtube

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