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Infinity Signature Series Tech Talks – Linearity and Temperature Calibration


"If we look at calibration for LED fixtures there is an electronic linearity calibration" "This means that the fixture is calibrating for differences in the electronics and in the LEDs in terms of brightness" During manufacturing they might have different tolerances that add up and have the LED light up in a different brightness "The linearity calibration is very important to maintain a steady colour and a steady output" across the different range of fixtures so they all match up It is important to not buy 5 fixtures now and buy 5 fixtures in half a year "They are from a different batch, they light differently You need to compensate for that to make sure they can be mixed" They can be uniform in their light output "Temperature correction or compensation in LED fixtures is also very important " It is two types of colour calibration in accordance to the temperature The first thing is that an LED loses brightness as it runs hotter A LED like red can lose up to 60% brightness when it runs hot Of course 60% is a significant drop "That needs to be calibrated for in a fixture and compensated for in order to maintain

" the same colour over a rising temperature The second calibration option is wave length correction LEDs drift in their spectrum as soon as they run hotter or cooler This is something that can also be compensated for The Infinity fixtures are calibrated for electronic linearity That means it compensates differences in the electronic And the LEDS that just happen in the manufacturing process They are also calibrated for temperature so as the ambient temperature rises or drops the fixture maintains the same colour "As a LED would get brighter or darker depending on the surrounding colours " "This needs to be compensated as well to maintain a good level of output"

Source: Youtube

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