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    Infinity Signature Series Tech Talks – CRI vs. Output


    "CRI is the Colour Rendering Index which gives us a clue about the quality of light" "A CRI of 100 is as if we were standing in the sun It's the perfect quality of light, looking at the spectrum" "A lot of people think that LED lighting means that if you light someone, he will look dead because it makes a pale skin" I think its based on the opinion that came up after the first LED fixtures "At the beginning when high powered LEDs were still very bad when technology was not that evolved" Infinity guarantees a high CRI of 96 That means it's a very good quality of light They managed to do that by using a very high quality calibration algorhythm, "that is figuring out the best way of mixing the certain colours or the white and colours that are relevant for the CRI, " out of 7 LED colours that are in the fixture using a mathematical approach "So it is a simulation based on the exact spectographic properties of the LEDs that has taken place" If I project two lighting fixtures on to a wall and I have the Infinity light that is calibrated and plainly set to a white with the 7 colours "Then I take another 7 colour fixture that is not calibrated that I am just mixing by myself" Even though the white might look the same to my eyes, if I look at them with a spectrometer they might look very different The high CRI reduces the output because it mixes all LEDs to a certain amount of brightness to achieve the best possible spectrum Which does not necessarily mean that all LEDs run at full power This is the big magic of calibration that happens in the background "If you go into high output mode, some colours might be brighter than others and the white to your eye might still appear nice "But if you measure it there are certain spikes and drops in the spectrum that are not there in the high output mode" Depending on your usage, you can actually switch between the High Output mode and the high CRI mode If you just need to light up objects, you might want to use the High output mode "If you want to light up people and sensitive things that should look natural you can use the High CRI mode"

    Source: Youtube

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