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Infinity Signature Series Tech Talks – Colour and Spectrum


If we look at red, green and blue they all have a very little peak on the colour in the spectrum In order to create a more natural and a more harmonic light for our eyes to look at we need to fill in the gaps in between

That's where all the other colours come in if we look at white, it gives us more possibilities to mix a very certain colour like to get a very saturated green, a saturated blue or saturated red and at the same time being able to mix various pastel lighting colours as well The more colours we have in an LED fixture the better we can achieve the colours of the colour triangle and make it look nice on the spectrum The difference between colour and spectrum is that, let's take for example a white light so we just have a white light pointing at a wall We might look at it with our eyes and we think it looks nice on the wall but then we see something that is coloured in front of it Now the LED issue comes in if we mix with RGB If we have an object that has a colour or is reflecting a certain spectrum of light that the LED is not providing or the LEDs are not providing and we light this item up, there can be no light reflecting from this item We might see a yellow banana showing up in black because there is not the right spectrum of light hitting that banana It is very important to cover the full spectrum of light to create a natural resemblance of a natural light source like the sun With 7 LED colours you actually get a good balance of a natural looking light spectrum Controlling 7 colours is a complete disaster on a console It is not easy to control and it doesn't make any sense because on site we usually don't have the time to A major issue is if you are looking at touring for example it limits my clone and fixture replace ability for a show So of course if all my colours look amazing on an RGB white UV fixture they might look like crap if I go to an RGB fixture It's always a question what you are looking at I think the nice thing with the Infinity lights is that they only provide CMY, HSI and RGB colour modes I as a programmer don't have to think The fixture kind of like does the thinking for me In my opinion the only way if there is a fixture with 7 colours or even more colours and like a lot of LED colours is to have a calibrated fixture that is providing me as the user with an RGB, CMY or maybe HSI control mode, whatever mode I prefer And then the fixture does the math itself to figure out what the best way is to achieve the colour that I want to achieve

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