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[Indo-Sub] [TREASURE MAP] Ep.4 ✖︎Smartphone Addiction✖︎ Is it all right?


What is this? Oh! Wait! Huh? [?!] What happen? [What is this?] [Restless eyesmp4] Do I just walk along? Where will you take me? [I! A!] [People who feel innocent] [What happened to TREASURE?] I have a bad feeling about this [HP addiction is a social problem that is now happening among teenagers

Then what about the addiction status of the TREASURE members?] I'm not addicted to cellphones I use it to contact I'm not addicted I do not think addicted Not me known to barely touch my cellphone I'm not addicted But I'm nervous when I don't have a cellphone I'm nervous when I don't have a cellphone Now I hear it's included in the addiction category Handling is taught in school When I found out, I realized I was addicted [Are they telling the truth?] [We decided to monitor the members' daily lives to confirm the truth] [Almost no one has let go of his cellphone] [How long is the duration of TREASURE member cellphone use in a day?] [JUNKYU: 312 hours / HARUTO: 5

41 hours / DOYOUNG: 35 hours / HYUNSUK: 1133 hours] [ASAHI: 221 hours / MASHIHO: 323 hours] [JIHOON: 5

1 hours / YOSHINORI: 348 hours / JUNGHWAN: 612 hours] [JAEHYUK: 619 hours / JEONGWOO: 537 hours / YEDAM: 5

15] [Testing for a second cell phone addiction!] [Peekaboo, Maknae!] [He found the camera] [Polite idol] Hello [1 Take out your cellphone] my cellphone? Ah! Oh! Yeah, I brought it [2 Type "I want to eat chicken" with eyes closed, if a lot of typing is correct, it means addiction] [How addicted are Junghwan?] [Difficult to read] [7 correct out of 9 words, Taking cellphone] Where will you take me? Not! Help me! [We won't hurt you] Please! [Who am I? Where is this? Hapjeong?] Is this Hapjeong? Oh, indeed yes! [Bus] Oh! What is this? [Bowing to say hello] Thank you [Next is HARUTO] [Typing with eyes closed] Done! [I want to eat the kitchen] [The kitchen is not for eating ] [We will take you] What is this? Wait Wait !! I'm sure it must be like 'Running Man' We have another bus! Huh? What is this?! [That's another bus] [Hey, come on] This is so easy! I'm Park JEONGWOO! [Yeah, Perfect is wrong] Perfect, right? [Welcome to the bus] Why this? What is this? I look like this on TV! You come here if you fail Not a failure, but successful [FAILED] [Other test participants] [You did everything well] Did I make a mistake? Where is the C button? [Not too addicted but just coming along] [Trapping each other] You have to sit with your eyes closed! – Yoshinori, did they take your cellphone? – Yeah

– We were taken except yours – How come? – Why did they leave JEONGWOO? – Maybe he succeeded! [Feeling sure] It's possible! [Seeing YOSHINORI being fooled] [Opens eyes] Exit! Exit! If you all look at me like that I can not stand! [LOL] The funny thing is YOSHINORI! [Guessing the intention of kidnapping] Maybe because of this

– The game 'Don't break your eggs!'! – That game? You solve it like this! – How about this? – Can also! [Huh?] [2 more people] [Wow, Perfect] HYUNSUK needs 40 minutes to come here It's scary if your eyes are closed [The cowardly madhyung] "Can't you tell me?" I'm 190% sure [190% correct] Can't you tell me? This is scary! – There she is! – Okay! See! He holds 2 swords !! [LOL! 2 swords] – Like Zealot on Starcraft! – Zealot? That means he is scared [The bus is full after the cowardly rising madhyung] Let's go! Depart! I'm nervous

Are you nervous? Me too Something big might happen Can't they tell us? This bus might go far away Could this be a surprise party for the new year [Trying to complete the mission] Chicken-Want-Me Read it upside down? JAEHYUK plays it as if to escape from the room! [LOL] – This is the way to Incheon Int'l Airport – means Are we going to fly? [South Korea (feat

Open field)] – Come on – Let's go! [HYUNSUK has a good feeling] Is this a random camera ?? Maybe like saying hello to the camera before leaving – Hi! Hello! – I'm sure there's something there! – Hi! – Oh wow! – Why? [This is how 12 TREASURE enters the house] [1 The front is stunned] Oh, my God! [2 The middle part that shows teamwork] – What is it? – Why? [3 The curious backside] They're so noisy !! [They are still walking in] [Full of unknown energy] [Don't know anything, but join in cheering] [Why are they so excited?] So many! [Snacks arranged on the table] [Enjoy what you want] We got lots! Huh ?! [Suspicious box] No! [The box is locked!] [Full of cellphones!] [Don't care about the rules and try to open the lock] [Failed] What is this?! [How will TREASURE spend the day in this house?] [Suspicious] Are we going to eat that snack ?? – I don't know – No way! [Bread that looks delicious] It looks delicious [Found the mission card] – Order? – Read it! [Sniffing loudly] [What is written?] Title! A journey to cure hp addiction! OMG! No wonder you guys took our cellphone! There are 2 rules that must be followed There are no cellphones, TVs and carbohydrate foods – What about snacks? – Can I eat it? Banned! What is carbohydrate food? [Carbohydrate foods are important, but if excessive will cause disease] – Is that food that is usually consumed? – Like bread

Don't humans need carbohydrate foods? Why is it prohibited? [Too much carbohydrate food consumed in ep1] [Subscribe & Like] Come on Because we made 288 servings of tteokbokki? Really! [Shocked] Everything is planned! They gave us tteokbokki for this [They realize what they are doing] – We have to drink 2L of mineral water -I can not and do 10,000 steps That's why we came here If you break the rules 2x You're out! Wow! – Really? – Pack our things? You're not going anywhere, it's just not going to be caught on camera But you can't avoid the camera So, how is it? You have to wait outside! Maybe you will be blurred [LOL] – Blurred? – scary! If you report the violator You can eat hydrated food for 5 minutes [Wow] or play your cellphone for 5 minutes [Taking the mission card] – What is that? 3x [Lunch mission] Looking for answers without cellphones! What is the address of this house? I see it in front – What's the address of YG's new building? – What? What is the nearest chicken delivery place number here? There is nothing here There are hidden clues around here [A piece of paper is stuck on the ceiling] What is that? – I think we found one – Really? You can't get past it – I'm observing this place – Me too You will be happy in our team YEDAM, come here! [LOL] [Playing games to divide teams] 1, 2, 3! [Team division 6: 6 isn't easy] 1, 2, 3! Alright, six of us! [6 people are crouching!] [Hyunsuk, Jihoon, Junkyu, Jaehyuk, Doyoung, Jeongwoo VS Yoshi, Mashiho, Asahi, Yedam, Haruto, Junghwan Wait, all Japan lines are one team! Plus JUNGHWAN! [What is this combination?] [4 strangers + Maknae + YEDAM] [YEDAM only] No problem, believe me! Let's divide 3: 3 groups

You can search here Don't worry, I found one clue [The HYUNSUK team vs YEDAM Team] Let's start the mission! – Let's go! – Let's go! JUNKYU and JAEHYUK, come here! Hurry up !! [Starting to joke] Let's hide their shoes out there! [Will they succeed?] So they can't go anywhere! -Let's find the instructions! -Ayooo !! [JUNGHWAN gets one in the frame] [Someone is watching] [He casually looks at it] Help me bring it down! [COULD] [JEONGWOO observes] He takes our lead [YOSHINORI gets one] [YG Entertainment business card] [JUNGHWAN found the others] – What is this? – Nice! Whoa! [JUNGHWAN found 3 clues in a row] JUNGWHAN, nice! [ASAHI found one on the stairs] [The YEDAM team starts well] [Dancing with enthusiasm] [MASHIHO found a clue] [DOYOUNG tries to head off] [Full of calm] Don't fight! We can read it together! [Theft succeeded] We can read it together [Allied forces] Catch him !! [Don't care / Hand in pocket / 1: 1] Catch him !! [YEDAM who is full of composure leaves the location] – You can do it! -Please!! [The observer arrives at the location] [Little fight] [Help me get out of here] Give it! [Big fight]] -I got it! – Argh! [Reminder: Look for clues] I'll illustrate it! – We almost got it! Ah! [What will be the result?] Ah [Tangle] – Empty! – Blank?! [Looking in the kitchen] [0 hints] Where are you guys? [0 hints] Nothing [1 blank hint] Maybe somewhere else [YOSHINORI enters the kitchen] [Looking around] Maybe here [YOSHINORI found something!] [The supervisor for his umpteenth time] [Turning away] [Approaches YEDAM] [Happy] [Sad] [Water taps, trash bins, wherever] [The HYUNSUK team is fighting inside] [Hiding shoes?] Some have cameramen [Instantly finds clues] – Oh! – Got one! [He succeeded!] – Yoon JAEHYUK! – What is that? [Curious] What is written? – Blank! – Gosh! Outrageous! – Disappointing! -Blank!? [Nothing from the start!] [Running forward] Look! Hey – I found a comb – JAEHYUK! -I found a clue – Oh! [What is written this time?] – Gosh! – Ha – We found 2 empty! – Blank! [HYUNSUK Team: 1 empty inside, 2 empty outside] – We will stop here – Yes [Towards the tennis table on the terrace] Maybe it's here [Excited] I found one! [HARUTO gets his first clue] Smart! [Checking for instructions] Blank! [The smart one who didn't expect] [JUNGHWAN is in the BBQ area] [Glance] [Good reflexes for guidance!] [Foot volleyball court] [Run fast] [Got one hint] – Nice! Oh! [How can Junghwan be this good?] – Huh? – Nice! [Camera rotates] [He struggles for clues] You kick him I'm sorry, friends [Whatever] Oh, these aren't friends! [Showing his findings] [BBQ area] Did you open the lid? I will open it [What's inside?] [He looks at the camera] There is? Not available

[Here are the instructions!] [They just leave like that] [Found a clue] [Looking around] [JEONGWOO goes around] [Bad vocal acting] I didn't find anything! [Be careful when talking] There really isn't anything [The HYUNSUK team trio is outside] Hey, come here! We can ask for a number! [Smart !!] [They approach the locals] – Ajumeoni! – Excuse me! Is there a chicken delivery place nearby? – There is – Do you have the number? I really want fried chicken – This place has good chicken – Is it true? – You only know this one place? – Yup [Very excited] [Remembers phone number] We can share this Do you remember this one, me this one

[They get a shipping number] – Thank you -We love you !! Come on write the number! – Do you have a pen? -Not! – What do I do – I'll take it Hurry up !! [Returning home proudly] – HYUNSUK! – What is wrong? We got the shipping number [The first happy news] – Oh! – Let's go

We only have one left [They don't know YG's new address] ASAHI has the business card [False] [YOSHINORI & HARUTO who has the card] Come on take it! [Chasing the wrong person] We can surround him [The yellow jacket, ASAHI] [Sudden attack] Stop it! – Give it to us! – Get him! – I don't have anything! [No business card] You can't run away! [For the umpteenth time the extraordinary observer] [Always watching] You can't run, I'm here! – You can't run away! – Get him! [The observer intervenes] – Look for it! – Where? [They caught ASAHI] I don't have one! [Touches his pocket] [The card holders 1 & 2] [But instead ASAHI is attacked] [HYUNSUK is guarding the entrance] – HYUNSUK! – Yeah? [JUNKYU wants to show the number] -Filter! -No, you can't! Why not? [HYUNSUK is guarding the home address] -Not now! -OK! [Excited because of his first clue] JEONGWOO, come and cover us !! Don't show it like that! [Flicking clues] Which hint is that for? [Question] [1 Home address 2 New YG address 3 Shipping number] – Achasan? – Yes, the initials Achasan! [Confused because of instructions] – Achasan is far from here -Yes I can't think of anything anymore [Want to return home] So cold! But we have to cover this They don't know this It can't be helped

So we can eat fried chicken – We just need YG's new address, right? – Yup There is a way to get it !! [Asking directly] What is YG's new address? [Smile sweetly] [FAILED] Don't know? [Lying] We can share what we know! [Shameless] Tell us YG's new address Do you know or not? – Not! – ASAHI, Don't be like that! [Running away] – Sorry! – This is disappointing! Please give me YG's new address! [Begging] [Be aware] I'm sure you have found something [Stared] We're a team !! [Embarrassed] – Oh, really? – Yup [Glasses ring] [This is teamwork] [Jumping] [When everyone thinks it's over] [The ACE survives to the end] [Shaking off] [Looking seriously] There is nothing here Should we share what we find? [Sounds like giving up] No way! Why is there a camera here? [Found a clue] [Protect with any way] [Chase] Hey! – Wither !! [JEONGWOO the observer returns] HYUNGG !!! HYUNG! HYUNG! [JUNGHWAN, We're coming!] What's up? [My hyung is coming] [Throw] [Capture] [Slide] [RULE] [The YEDAM team is protecting the instructions] [Tight guard] – No! – We won't let it! [Curious] Where did you find it? Jeez !! – This is pointless !! – JIHOON! -I won't let it! – JIHOON! – Not! – I won't leave it! Let's work together and share 2 pieces of fried chicken [A futile fight] We don't have to compete like this !! We can win it together! We can work together and share! [Joking] – I found a clue! Oh! [Quick response to word hints] – People like being competing against each other -This is competition Too much competition in this world So you won't be able to rest 12 people trying to be able to eat chicken [Cannot walk in] Teaching and rioting one another [Taking each other] [JAEHYUK a few minutes ago] [Encouraging one another] We're both without hydrated food now [Please stop] We are both struggling [JUNKYU looks for clues in the room] Oh! Found it! What is this? [Ah!] Just for Huuh [Sha Wujing's picture] We got the number I will take this [All clues found] [4 hidden hints] [HYUNSUK Team found 3] [YEDAM team found 4] [Here's the answer to the question] [1 Home address: 47-8 Gobigogae-ro 743, Naega-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon] [2 YG new building: 7 Heewoojeong-ro 1, Mapo-gu, Seoul] [3 Number for fried chicken: —- Chicken 032 – *** – ****] [Need more instructions] This looks important What is YG's new address? [SECRETLY Eavesdropping] [The Twins] [The YEDAM team has a lot of clues] [Instructions for question 1] This is Ganghwa-gun, Incheon [Business card for question 2] Is this the address? [Hint 7 for question 3] – Could it be seven? – Yes! – Shall we check first? – Yeah

[5G speed effort] This is all we can do now – At least we have YEDAM Oh! [Shocked] [Rushing back] [Walking respectively] They have a clue, but still don't know about the number [How much can they answer?] Oh, help! [Look at the front page / Old address / Incorrect] [Instantly fails] [JUNGWHAN runs out to find the address] [I'm here] [The answer is right when he jumped out of the house] – Run! – Wait !! – Isn't this the address? – Yup! – Have you seen? -Yeah [Double checking] – Did you find it? – Yeah Another hint? JUNGHWAN found another clue [Praising] Isn't he like a treasure hunter? [Listen!] Hyung, this is Gobigogae-ro [The perfect performance of the treasure hunter] [Trying a different answer] [Question 1 is correct] We are one! [Frustrated without a card] YG's new address

[Starts in action] I'll try to beg – They won't tell you! – I'll keep trying it! [Begging] Come in Come here !! [YG Entertainment's business card] [JEONGWOO pays attention to the card above the entrance] [The observer picks it up] – Hurry up! – I found it! – Hurry up! – What should I write? – This is YG's old address – A new one? [Brightening moment] Hey! Hey Let's use hint 7 [The HYUNSUK team steps out] – We got it !! [Full of confidence] – We got it !! – We made it!! We are sure we won! – This is too easy! – How come you guys didn't find it? – Is not it!? – Are they right? [All wrong] But locals give this number [Check] [The chicken place is correct] [They successfully answered one question] [Looking at the instructions] In my opinion

[Tell him something] Come in! Incheon! [Happy] [Achasan → Incheon] Hurry !!! We don't have time to celebrate! At least we can answer 1 correctly [Questions 1 & 3 are correct] – Not sure about YG's new address – There are 2 clues 7 – We got 2 right? Wow! The problem is only YG's new address [YG's new address mystery] This is the umpteenth time [New address YG: 3 → 7 7 Heewoojeong-ro 1, Mapo-gu, Seoul] [Team YEDAM Address: 73 / Strikethrough / Lucky 7?] [This seems wrong again

] – Please! Ah! [YOSHINORI closes number 3 out of 73] [Is it true?] [Ah!] You know? [Crossed out 3] – Smart yourself – Is this it? [2 Correct answers] [Hugs of happiness] – We did it !!! [Confused because of a new address] Could it be 7? Wait! [Not sure] [Doubtful] [The others don't even see] [7 Heewoojeong-ro 1] [The HYUNSUK team answers all three questions] If only we could use our cellphones [Huh?] [The lunch mission succeeds] – All right? – Yay! Extraordinary!! [This mission is as if riding a roller coaster] [What happened?] JEONGWOO! JEONGWOO! [You're not JEONGWOO] [Business card inventor] JEONGWOO! Where is she? [Come jumping without knowing anything] [Drinking water] [Complain] [Vigorously] [Finally lunch (feat Healthy salad)] [Winner gets 2 servings of fried chicken] [Excited at seeing chicken] – Who wants to drink yogurt? – me! [Not free] JUNGHWAN, cute acting! 1, 2, 3! I love you! [Not satisfied] – You think that's funny? – Who else? [Come on] [This is called funny] OK !! [Yogurt that is hard to get] – Thank you for the food – Thank you! – Can I get chicken legs? -Can [Humbly] DOYOUNG, take the chicken leg [Chewing, Delicious] [Chew] How many chickens this is! [Crispy] [While they enjoy the chicken] [They are silent] Why don't you eat? [Pause] Ha ha ha ha! They are not statues, yeah! [I hate tomatoes / I like all foods] [Take] [Chew] Yum Wow We don't need chicken! [Not sincere] So delicious! [Starving after doing a big mission] [Mukbang salad, starts!] Anyone who drinks quickly will get a chance bonus! [Instantly drinks] Look at ASAHI! Very fast! [He really hates salad] – ASAHI! – Oh, ASAHI! She's done! [2 liters of water in an instant] [Time for a special bonus] [5 minutes of nutritional food or 5 minutes playing cellphone] [What did he choose?] Oh! [What bonus did he choose?] What did you choose? [Finally smiling brightly after all day] [Eating moisturized food for 5 minutes] [Feeling jealous] [Saving a second chance] I don't want to wear it now Smart!! [There's still a bonus recording] [Looks very busy] [Unloading] It looks like JEONGWOO is opening snacks [Strong evidence] Come on, don't be like that! [The bed is full of snacks] Park JEONGWOO! Park JEONGWOO! [JEONGWOO gets caught] Get out of here! Come in the closet! -I haven't eaten it yet! – Enter ! Isn't it okay if you haven't eaten? I'm just curious about its contents But you can't open it [Complaining] But you open it instead [Please leave me alone!] [Subscribe & watch the next video]

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