IMPORTANT Step ALL Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Owners Need To Take ASAP (S21, Note 20, A71, etc)

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63 thoughts on “IMPORTANT Step ALL Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Owners Need To Take ASAP (S21, Note 20, A71, etc)

  1. Hi saki,I have checked battery life and it pop up with weak…..I bought this mobile in 2018….but for the reason of broken screen I submitted in samsung store for the replacement so I think battery must be new tooo…please suggest me what to do

  2. I don't use Samsung phone anymore, I'm on Xiaomi Mi 11 now, but I tried it on my S8 which actually still works perfectly well, although I know the battery is bad…and it says: weak.
    Furthermore, it says: your battery has deteriorated and it might affect the performance of the phone. We recommend replacing the battery.

    I knew that already, but still getting 3-4 hours of SoT on a 4 year old phone I had been using hardcore until a month ago, is impressive nonetheless.

  3. I cannot download the angle gold glow wallpaper from the samsung store because it says that this content is not available for your phone model, I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Where can I find this wallpaper?

  4. They should add a battery health feature under battery setting like give u the actual battery health rather than good okay or bad like give us something similar to ios like battery health setting

  5. To be honest, this isn't in anyway accurate. I assume free a certain time eg 3-4 years, it'll say normal and eventually bad. A better way to check would be to use AccuBattery. It measures charge data over time to assess the battery capacity and issues.

  6. I did find out that on same place where you find a battery. You will find touch screen, you need to tap it and if say needs attention or something you need to color all the blocks to ensure status is normal.

  7. I have S10+ which is >1year 10months old and I play ROK every day. Now full charge doesn't even last 8 hrs of normal work day(few calls, text work related chrome browse and GPS on and but no gaming). So I had to carry charger. Even then it says Good.

  8. My s21ultra says good , but I m getting around 4-5 h screen on time, that is bad . Idk on my 12pro max i get around 8h screen on time. Has anyone the same problem or any idea how to fix ?

  9. Sir..i check my battery life in note 8 is showing weak and i puchased in..november2017 and how correct life of note 8 battery ..its anything possible ..plz suggest me

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