Important Software Update for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (One UI 3.1, 3.0, 2.5) – What’s New?

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New Samsung Update is now rolling out to Samsung Smartphones. This is a brand feature for the camera and a new updated security patch for May 2021.

Security patch applies to Samsung Galaxy Smartphones running One UI 2.1 or Above, including One …

63 thoughts on “Important Software Update for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (One UI 3.1, 3.0, 2.5) – What’s New?

  1. I have a note 20 Ultra unlocked us version I just got the update with the May security patch and the big changes with the camera. For some reason I'm way behind you seems like always two to three weeks

  2. I'm in Australia so obviously i didn't get the update,and i bought the note20 ultra online from Samsung thinking I'd be getting the updates fairly quick also.

  3. Saki, who is your carrier? I have a note 20 ultra and security patch for May was just release for me a week ago. I'm with T mobile , but the phone is factory unlocked

  4. When are they going to fix the awful microphone issue when you're talking to someone. It echoes terribly every time I'm using whatsapp. It goes away when I use a Bluetooth device.

  5. Great. Have you also updated your videos concerning the Samsung released videos on the Note 21 Ultra? You know, the ones that they are telling us that they Are Still releasing it and don't plan on stopping the Note line any time soon? Cone on, you have to admit it

  6. Came here to find out what's new as per the title…
    Found a video basically explaining how to update your phone with some subjective claims about feeling improvements everytime you update.. with some rapid left right swiping of the home screen to "prove it" 😂

  7. Refinements to security, yes.. But with these type of updates performance is exactly the same. Any "feeling" you have the the phone is performing better is placebo, Saki. You know that.

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