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    il PRIMO SMARTPHONE della STORIA – curiosità nel mondo


    the first smartphone in history number 5 – the difference between a mobile phone and a smartphone the main feature is due to the presence of an operating system which increases the cell number computing capacity increasing the device and making it actually become a small computer technically it is said that smartphones they are gods personal digital assistant and such as will be shown in the palm and able to manage all actions number 4 – the term smartphone the term means smart phone smart for smart phone by phone the term first appears in 1994 with marketing of IBM SIMON model number 3 – the first smartphone was traded in 1994 IBM SIMON personal communicator produced in 50,000 copies it cost $ 899 at the time corresponding to approx $ 1,500 today it was aimed at the business world containing many applications such as clock calendar calculator mail client and notepad for notes with the fountain pen on the touch screen number 2 – technical characteristics it weighed 500 grams and was 20 centimeters long the innovative processor at the time was from 16 Mhz 1 megabyte dash and expandable memory the operating system was a very popular version MS-DOS the battery lasted just over an hour all was manageable on the innovative touch screen monochrome 47 inches and 160 x 293 pixels moreover, the first video game was installed inside a phone or 15th game by the name of melee a mathematical puzzle which was based on the shuffle of numbers number 1 – the rise of smartphones though IBM with his first smartphone he was not successful Nokia also came out in 2000 with the first color smartphone Nokia 9210 communicator despite the developments that various technology companies have made however, the smartphone was not intended for all consumers but only for the business world the turning point came in 2007 when Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone to the world next year when the HTC introduced the HTC dream first with Android operating system on board

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