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    Icelandic Culture #4 – Hi-Tech Dairy Farm and Cowshed Cafe


    Hello folks I'm adding some agriculture to the culture part of my channel as I visit this fantastic dairy farm It's one of Iceland's first mega-cowsheed with some of the best robot technology available on the market It's also a farm that has uses modern technology to the fullest for animal well-being as you will soon see During summer they walk in/out 24/7 or pending on weather, digitally monitored toward the milking robot I arrived during busy summer and decided to have coffee rather than to disturb working farmers It's a cozy little Cafe here that sells some farm products as well It's operated by brothers and I noticed one of them down there so I decided to take my camera for some fun So here is what I got in front of my lens or the most relaxed cowshed I have ever been in It's black and white to compere this to the old times when the cows where stuck in the same spot all winter It's one of many water stations in the house Robot's do the milking 24/7 and each cow goes trough the milking robot up to 4 times every 24 hrs The candy gift for milking gives them also a reason to stay on schedule Then it's the massage station but the brush has a auto-starter and goes on for 20 minutes But

    I think they use it mostly for other parts than this

    Well if its itchyit's itchy This is the shit-robot Digital feeder that the farmers don't even have to refill because he does it him self Each cow/calf has digital ID so the feeder knows exactly what and where to feed the complete cowshed It's around 140 milking cows here The cows would choose this kind of farm above the old kind of cowsheds for sure It's popular to bring the kids here to see the calves It's a new calf here almost every day They get a computer chip headband as well to monitor their drinking habits This is the computer controlled milk dispenser and the farmer is teaching the youngest ones how to use it He told me he's able to look after every animal in the house with his mobile phone Feeding, milking and more So even if robot's and the mega-farming farming is sometimes a bit scary concept from the outside It's all about the well being of the animals if it's done with the right mindsetlike here

    Source: Youtube

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