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    I Edited Myself Holding A $1400 Smartphone On Instagram To See People's Reaction


    so I edited a $1400 phone in my hand and then uploaded it to Instagram to see what people's reactions are so what's up everyone awesome Andy we hear a back with another awesome video yesterday what I'm going to do is edit myself holding the brand new Galaxy S 20 al-qura which is of course a $1400 smartphone and also it hasn't been even released in the market yet so what I'll do is edit myself holding that phone and then I'll upload it to Instagram and then see people's reaction to it let's see what people come in so right now I'll go out and just take a photo of me holding some other phone and just then edit myself holding the galaxy astronaut aura so hope you guys enjoy this video and hope you guys enjoyed your actions out so I'm done with the shooting now so I'll upload the picture to Instagram this is the picture I took so I'll upload it to Instagram and I already did it so I'll just upload it to Instagram and then to offer uploading it I've wait for 24 hours until the story ghosts out and then I'll just review all the reactions so stay tuned for that [Music] so it's been 24 hours and now with 103 viewers let's see how many responses we get so for the first two people they're saying it's cool is that he said hi shout out to your daddy one guy said it's fake people know it's fake so it's fun someone said it's cool man this guy showed the laughing emoji that means he knows what's up he wrote for the shop it's not Photoshop I actually use paintnet it hasn't even been released yet SiC pure new and then laughing emoji he also knows what's up what's this language I'll just translate it and then tell you guys what the text is over here translated text right here and again fake and then lastly it's nice how is the camera send me a pic the disc I really things like I really have to follow even though this phone hasn't even released yet and I hope you like the reactions of these people and I hope you really enjoyed me trying to edit s20 ultra in my hands that phone is so expensive and showing people that I really have it and 50% of the majority's really thought I had it but at the other 50% knew that it was completely fake because of my – lemon pro before they're really keeping up with my content but some people don't and they just get tricked into these things so follow me on swim if you haven't already so you guys can participate in these type of videos till that until that being said my name is Ali you watching you off my TV I'll see you tomorrow bees [Music]

    Source: Youtube

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