Huawei’s New Smartphone Sets Internet on FIRE…

The Huawei P50 series is taking smartphone cameras to another level.
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100 thoughts on “Huawei’s New Smartphone Sets Internet on FIRE…

  1. Though I am very keen to finally buy a Huawei phone and something other than Android is just awesome… but, those huge round weirdos could take some time to get used to.

  2. Huawei has announced that most of their products will be able to upgraded to Harmony OS by the end of this year. For most of the people in China who never need any google services or any other “American” apps, Harmony OS is definitely a better choice. It is much more powerful than Android in all ways.

  3. That’s a keedex! All hotels have this in case the lock mechanism breaks. I’ve had to use these before when people couldn’t get in/out of their rooms and the batteries weren’t replaced by maintenance. I don’t even think this was a break in. I think she turned it into that and she was stuck in the room. 😑😑

  4. From a developer POV Harmony OS supports Java & Javascript (World's Most popular languages). It also can run android apps. And its VERY influenced by Android.. Meaning an Android dev can easily learn how to develop Harmony Os apps using Java (and Kotlin probably in the near future). Its kinda like they refractored the code and its the same idea..

    My point is that if the Chinese government supports them, they may have a chance at dominating the domestic (China) market. For foreign markets its harder coz of lack of Google services.

  5. If their Harmony os is anything like their current app gallery, yeah then its gonna be shit. the only good thing about their app gallery is that u can pause downloads, but theres isnt much to download either so u never use that feature, its just not visually pleasing, too bloated.

  6. Yeah they're gonna put new 1 inch sensor there and they will probably be the first company to launch new kind of battery I think it's called sulfur or maybe sapphire

  7. For the Loop Button on youtube. I have been looping videos like Willy do said for a little over a year. It will loop a song without ads for hours.

  8. i think for the water gun story and the trending song that lew might be going threw the change. That point in every old mans life when he starts to get weird. LOL. he is going to want to buy a dirt bike or atv. PLZ stop him XD!!!

  9. Remember back in the day and the very early YouTube tech reviews where we always talked about "Camera phones are not meant to replace your camera." 😂

  10. Huawei is so reluctant to admit that Harmony OS is literally a fork of Android. And considering how terrible the Android kernal is in terms of memory management id be interested to see it on devices other than a phone.

  11. Sony WH-1000XM4 hands down , they are a bit bass heavy but most audiophiles will eq them for best sound with soundID or neutralizer , also in my opinion they are rated for a reason , they have the best value for headphones in the world at the moment , I personally bought them almost 1 month ago ( waiting for them ) cannot wait to get them , on the 29 th of June , also I had the bose qc35ii and personally they don't fit my ears and it's very painful to wear them , also the treble in sound is so lispy and lifeless and also the bass is bad , sony at least have better treble if not bass , but with eq still sony is better because of treble balance , and anc on xm4's is so much better than the bose 700 hands down in my opinion 😉I love this 😀, what is your opinion on soundID for headphones app? Also Riley and James do you like electronic music , what about monstercat and trap Nation ? Personally love it

  12. Lew you need to stop getting your stories from Fox News. They are the primary reason 1/6 happened. It’s such an awful channel

  13. Poor lew he's brain is going to need to be replaced something is really wrong with him he likes that noise that some people call music that's something that doctor should check out

  14. This will probably sell very well outside China as well. Lot of people do not even want Google apps, because it is spyware. No Google is a feature. Faster and better cooperation between devices, better hardware and a well thought ecosystem of quality devices will sell. Developers will of course make apps for Harmony OS because it will be on hundreds of millions of devices.

  15. Well, speaking of some really cool Latin/Mexican music, check out this song: “Corazon Adolorido” by Grupo Quintanna. The whole album jams! 😉😎

  16. Looks like the matepad may give you an option to run apple OS within a launcher? Switch between Android or mac style?

    I like the design of the new TCL phone which eliminates the camera "hump"

  17. I have been using Huawei phone for about 2 years. It has been working great. It's display battery life camera are top notch. They're the best in the market for these three categories. If their mobiles are launched with Google mobile services, it could become world's number one smartphone supplier.

  18. ive worked in all kinds of places, no drug tests for employees in the UK. i think police officers get tested but not normal people, not even in factories. US is odd

  19. Rest in peace to Windows Phones. 🙁 But without it, 10 wouldn't be what it is today. The Metro UI gave it its modern look compared to 7.

  20. Can we just make our phone plug into a screen to be a full computer soon please? Still waiting. Preferbly the iPhone and yes, they will never do that because of hardware sales, I know..

  21. It was such a shame that Americans were jealous of Huaweis success. Huawei was the number 1 mobile brand and then the bans arrived. Disgrace.

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