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    Huawei Mate X – El móvil plegable de Huawei con 5G


    What's new family! We are here the presentation of the Huawei Mate X the Huawei folding phone that has left really impressed We start! Let's talk about design first

    The main screen is 66 inches with a ratio of 195 to 9 that is the ratio that they have virtually all high-end mobile phones in recent years The rear screen is more elongated is 638 inches with a ratio of 25 to 9

    When we open it, it is when Transforms into a tablet A tablet of 8 inches practically square with a ratio of 8 to 71 Let's talk about thickness, is really fine, mainly in the part of the screen it reaches 54 millimeters, less than an ipad pro for to be able to compare it with something

    In the part thicker on the part of the right than is where all the technology is (the part of the three chambers the part of the Fingerprint sensor internal sensors that identify whether the tablet or mobile is open or is closed) that part has a thickness of 11 millimeters But when we close the tablet and we transform it back into a mobile continues to be 11 millimeters Since the screen gets inside the device so that it does not there is no additional thickness It's a pretty well-designed design, we've seen that the opening is quite agile and the closing of the device And it's pretty simple to have it in your hand, with which there will be no problem of usability and will only be applications that will tell us how we can use this device making the most of it We talk about the connection, it's Huawei's 5G mobile and it's say already uses the Balong 5000 chip that presented in January of this year that allows Internet traffic to some speeds 10 times higher than the 4g and even twice as much as 5g industrial traffic In fact they are calling already sub 6G Yes, although I can it seems amazing to talk about 6G still at this point

    In fact, Finland is already starting to talk about 6g technology With which you have to start preparing the way and Huawei has it pretty clear in this sense At what speeds can we navigate? Well for us let's get an idea, we can download a 1GB file in only three seconds

    Good about 5g and technologies in 6G we will talk a lot during the next days the mobile world congress so subscribe and do not miss any video of what we will announce during next days On the cameras, are three cameras that appear in the thicker part The three cameras are from Leica There is a selfi mode that we just have to turn the device so that with the screen back we can make our picture using the software button Do not There is a special camera button for selfi On the other hand it has a mode mirror

    So when we make a photograph a person that person can see what is capturing or what that is being recorded at the same time the action is performed It draws attention also the one that when deploying the device for tablet mode we can also take pictures in mode Tablet The software even shows in the lower part the different automatic mode options, filters, custom mode And this prevents tourists from going to the tablets taking pictures of different monuments when they can have a mobile deploy it make the photo and paste it again Another point that has called quite the attention is the drums 4500 mAh available thanks to the fact that They have two battery modules distributed in the two modules of each one of the screens of the device But not only is the ability to batteries but also the speed of load

    It has a 55 watt system load In other words, if we compare it with 40 watts of the Mate 20 Pro we see that already is far superior to the largest we knew Or if we compare it with the 15W from note 9 of samsung, for example This allows in just 30 minutes we have an 85% load (more than 3800 milliamps available) in our device In other words, it is a burden that will allow us to use the device for surely more than two days at maximum performance, it is possible that three days without any problems Even though we'll have to have it in our hands for quite some time to be able check it And that's all hopefully there liked this video that you like, that you share it with your friends and of course if you have not already done so that you subscribe to our channel

    Until the next video! Huawei Mate X The folding phone of the Chinese brand

    Source: Youtube

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