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How Veterans are Learning Tech on the Job | JPMorgan Chase & Co.


When I found out JPMorgan Chase was hiring veterans, it was an out-of-body experience for me My name is Ubong Samuel Akpan

I was an E4 Specialist with the United States Army And now I’m a software engineer at JPMorgan Chase After 5 years with the Army, transitioning into the real world was difficult I was an electronic technician, and that’s not what I wanted to do I was stuck in a career where I didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel

I had better goals and visions for myself Over 200,000 veterans leave our military service every year JPMorgan Chase is really focused around how do we help those veterans transition? I taught myself to code at home But it was difficult to just transition into a position that required professional experience So I was stuck

It’s like the chicken and egg question where, “How do I get this experience if I’m not given a chance?” JPMorgan Chase stepped in and snapped a finger and my fate changed – Yes – The port could change Tech Apprenticeship Program is where we select military veterans to go through a software engineering bootcamp And for one year, they come and learn on the job as software engineer apprentices When I found out I was going to be working for JPMorgan Chase, it was unreal They didn’t require you to have the job experience It only required that you were willing to put in the work

Coral: As long as you have the aptitude and passion, you can be admitted to the program Ubong: Being around veterans in the workplace is like working with your family [blocks clanking, woman screaming] You have people who know where you’re coming from, and people who are going in the same direction that you are going It is awesome [cheering] So we are actively bringing veterans in because of all of the experiential diversity that they bring

They think outside of the box It’s the can-do attitude, it’s the strong work ethic It’s the right thing to give them a chance, but it’s also good for business It is definitely a win-win for everyone My job is awesome

You’re given time to acclimatize and grow in the field, and then you’re allowed to express yourself We are the cash cows This is the greatest team in the world [laughter] Ubong: I learned from them and they learned from me When I start designing, it just feels like I should be doing this

The apprenticeship program is not the end It is the beginning

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