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How To Waste $576.48 on eBay…


(thump) – Oh, boy, guess what today is It's eBay mystery tech! Okay, it's well packaged– oh, what? Why is there so much stuff in here? (sniffs) Ew, it smells

What am I looking at? Congratulations on the purchase of your new visor hand-held computer So it is like a palm, in fact it does run Palm OS, apparently A GPS companion? This is a GPS add-on, what? How do you even attach these things? Oh, oh there's a whole other box underneath here This is the Omni Sky Wireless Internet and Email Service The following screen you'll be asked to tap the center of the target

Wow touch screen technology The Eye Module, alright let's try plugging in a webcam

Wait hang on, I'm gonna do a selfie on this I mean that, that right there my friends is a real masterpiece But, I'm actually kind of surprised at how much stuff is actually usable on this I say usable with some slight asterisks But I mean, we've got a camera, we've got what would've been a really cool wireless modem, we've got a GPS antenna, and all this stuff was pretty easily swapable

I mean, no, should you buy one of these in 2018? I mean, of course not, that's ridiculous But this is actually kinda cool, I've gotta say, I was actually not expecting this to work as well as it does – [Ken] This one's from Jimmy – From Jimmy? Okay, this is from Toink Toys Alright, it's like an action figure or something? Of course it is

That's not tech, there's no part of this that's tech at all The whole thing is just a doll There's nothing mysterious or scary about this at all I mean, does that look scary to you? Are you frightened right now? 'Cause I'm just frightened of how much money was wasted on something that is not remotely tech in any possible way We're just gonna leave this here for the rest of the video

Thank you (thump) Great, it didn't need to be there anyway, it's fine (laughing) Sports cards? Is this a baseball card? What'd you get a baseball card for? This is not tech, did you miss the most important part of mystery tech? It's not mystery random stuff, it's mystery tech – [Ken] It's the best of tech – (laughs) It's an Austin Evans baseball card

Wait, there's an actual player Yeah, he was drafted by the Rangers in June of 2000 His name is Austin Evans, in fact he's from Austin, Texas Alright, alright that's pretty good actually I will say, he actually does mildly look like me

And his signature also kind of looks like mine How much was this? – [Ken] 15 bucks – 15 dollars? Alright, a USB to PS2 keyboard mouse adapter? This isn't mysterious Am I missing something here? An adapter– oh What are you laughing for so much? I haven't even opened the thing yet and you're already over here laughing

– [Ken] It's the doll – Oh were you staring at the doll? Are you staring at this doll? (laughs) Is this one of those reproduction Model M keyboards? – [Ken] Well, it's not a reproduction – Is it a real one, wait, I guessed it right? Oh, oh I'm excited now That would be a new record, I actually guessed what it is, right? Oh dude, I feel like I could beat someone to death with this I've never tried one of these before

So if you guys are not familiar, the IBM Model M is widely regarded as one of, if not the best keyboards of all time Dude, this is so clean So this isn't a reproduction, right, this is actually an original one? – [Ken] Yes – Oh, man Wait, we gotta do, we gotta do it

(keys clicking) Oh! (keys clacking) Listen to that (keys clicking) Woo! (loud clacking) Because this is an older keyboard, it does use a PS2 connector, which to be fair, some modern PC's, specifically a lot of desktops will support it, but for me, I'm gonna need an adapter Oh, there's a problem Ah, the computer doesn't smell so good – [Ken] Yeah, I heard a pop

– Did we kill my cool HP? (sniffing) – (sniffing) Ooh – [Austin] That smells bad – Team Crispy – Oh, well that's not good So we were trying to get my laptop up, it was dead, and we plugged a different power adapter in it, and now it smells bad and won't turn on, oh joy

– They said that this computer was very hot – No, no, no So with a replacement laptop, let's try the keyboard now So, oh hey we have lights on So at least it's getting power

So it's definitely gotta a different kind of feeling than any kind of standard mechanical keyboard that you would pick up today It also has a different key layout, I'm just realizing This was back before the Windows key existed, (laughs) but hey, it works I mean with just a simple USB to PS2 adapter, we got full support, and you can pretty much get everything you need done You've got all your function keys

Everything else is almost identical to a current keyboard You know what Ken, I gotta say, this is weird, it's not the most normal thing in the world, but actually I think for a lot of people this is legitimately pretty cool (thud) Wow, that's aggressive That's alright Oh, not another one of these, uh! So you may remember a very special episode of Mystery Tech, almost a year ago, where we took a look at the Roboraptor Well this, this is the Roboraptor's special cousin (Ken laughing) No one enjoys this Ken, everyone is on my side, and doesn't appreciate seeing me annoyed with some stupid dinosaur robot, right? (plastic crunching) Okay, there you go, unboxed

Alright, what does it do? (robotic noises) Attack Well that okay, I can't

alright Good dinosaur, good dinosaur Oh, it likes it

Wait, wait do they know each other? Is this how this works? (electronic dinosaur rawr) Robo Dinosaur, Roboraptor, you're alive Okay, wait, can you fight? Fight, fight, fight, fight (fight bell) Yeah, there we go, my money's on Roboraptor Mipoasaur seems lame Oh, oh wait, wait, what's gonna happen? Get him, get him, this way, this, this, yeah there you go, get him, get him

Oh yeah, get it, get it! (laughs) Wait, no, no! Roboraptor, no! It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, shh It's okay, the mean girl dinosaur just doesn't like you It's fine, you've tried Oh no, just– (robot screeching) No Robo Raptor, this is my box What is this, did you just get a, is this just a giant pickle? What is this, why does it have your name on it? 11-21-17, thanks Kenneth, what is this? Real pickle in a sealed Coca Cola bottle full grown, four inches

So, it's just a pickle that grew into a Coke bottle (crash) I agree Roboraptor, I agree

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