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    How To Use Your Smartphone as Webcam (Cara menggunakan Smartphone menjadi Webcam)


    During this pandemic a lot use video conference call like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and many others and many also complain that the video quality is not good with the default webcam on their computer and Even if we buy a mid-range webcam the price is for example around IDR 500,000 – IDR 1,000,000 the results produced is still not so good Well, how do you overcome this in a cheap and easy way Music Intro Hello guys,, meet me again, Jefri Lay answering the previous question about how to overcome the video quality that is not good from a webcam for video conference call meetings or for example we want to do zoom video call Today I will share How to turn our Smartphone into a webcam as we all know that smartphone cameras today are pretty good already and even better than a fairly expensive webcam though if you have a webcam Try to compare the quality of the video compared to your smartphone's back camera footage the results will definitely be better than a webcam In this video I will use the default iMac webcam, iPhone and Fujifilm XT30

    Okay, now we return to the subject matter how are we going to make this happen? we will use the application named Epoccam this application will make virtual webcam on our computer using our Smartphone camera So now we try to download this application This application can be downloaded at the Appstore at a price IDR 119,000 for the full version and if you're using Android you can download it at Playstore with a price of IDR 78,000 Okay, let's just installing it now to install application for smartphone first we go to Appstore and then we type epoccam Well, here we can see there are two versions, one red icon icon and the other is green or green icon which is the free version and can only produce picture in resolution 640 times 480 low resolution, that's how it works if we want full-hd we have to buy the red one and we will be able to use this camera with HD quality up to 1080p and many other features such as this green screen effect or this is full HD then it also can support audio, so it is more flexible it's a feature in it Okay after we install the epoccam application there is still one more step before we can use our smartphone as a webcam on our computer we must go to the kinonicom website to install this Epoccam driver in order to be connected automatically when we run epoccam apps on our Smartphone and the computer must be turned on first guys Ok now we will install drivers for our computer we first go into kinoni website by typing kinonicom in the search bar And we will be redirected to kinoni website then we push get started now well here they are they give four simple steps and if we follow these four simple steps we can definitely succeeded in making our Smartphone into a webcam So if you have mac, all you have to do is download the Mac OS drivers but if you have Windows, all you have to do is stay push the Windows drivers download, since I have Max, I use this and after you push download this Mac OS driver you will get the zip file in this download folder and you just extract this zip file and then you install it, after you install you just follow simple setup, just hit next next next, after that it's done means the driver has been successfully installed on your computer Well after the install process is complete both applications that are on the Smartphone and drivers are for the computer Now it's just how we run the application so that our smartphone can become webcam first after the computer is turned on run the Epoccam application on your Smartphone if you can see the video on the cellphone screen after you run the Epoccam application means you have succeeded in making your smartphone camera connected with the computer as a webcam after we tried it and successfull

    Now we will try again This new webcam in the Zoom application is Zoom recognize the new camera as a virtual webcam like we wanted Okay now we try with Zoom apps then we go to our settings, go to video look our camera already using smartphone I am using back camera now guy,s i will try the front camera now llok now, the front camera is good too compared to if we are using webcam Now, we try with iMac webcam we use facetime HD Look, the result is worse than the camera in my opinion so we try to use epoccam once again so after this I will give The comparison if we use iMac webcam or Fujifilm or we use this iPhone as webcam Okay guys, now we will be comparing the results of webcam recordings of Fujifilm xt30 and iPhone so we can see how different the quality of the video produced can be seen on the screen indeed the best quality is still from Fujifilm xt30 but if we look at the worst it turns out that the worst is from the iMac webcam

    And the one from the iPhone surprisingly ranks second so if we compared even if we buy the cheapest webcam though it's still cheaper to buy the Epoccam app and we can get better video quality too If you like this content and find this content useful please press the like and subscribe buttons and don't forget to press the bell button too guys Thank you for watching this video until the end we will meet again next week on Saturday so stay tune

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