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How to use Smartphone as Wireless Receiver for your PC


Good morning guys! I just found a solution to our problem with Globe Prepaid Kit for our connection especially to those of us has a hard time getting a proper signal or a signal on their internet so I did the computer is on and first here I put the internet on windows my wifi since i have a slow connection I'm looking for a signal so what happened to her there so WiFi is here as you can see nindut the signal for 3 bars and then he didn't use any and cable so kuan rani sya WiFi ra so going back I was going to give it back because it looks like it ok as you can see computer towards the kuan of on Wifi Nov will happen the former Computer or PC they don't have one WiFi Adapter or They do not even detect a WiFi signal so what we do is the solution is your old smartphone if you have a smartphone that's extra or kung that's just your smartphone if you don't have any extra will use you as Wireless adapter or WiFi Receiver so that's what happens your pc approach to your Smartphone you connect the PC to the cellphone and then the cellphone to the Cellphone to WiFi you must do it first is to connect you to your smartphone on wifi so those guys are already focused so e connect you first your WiFi So I can connect to my WiFi that Sparkle is now my Globe Prepaid Kit for WiFi E test you whether the signal is good search youtube or how to test if the signal is good i also heard kuan so he must have changed as you can see it's loaded so that means our WiFi signal is strong now let's do that since he has a connection let's just share the connection to the Computer how to share? using your USB cord or charger e just charge your cellphone there is already a stab so you just pop up your computer when your cell phone is plugged in now it is not there yet you go to your mobile phone's settings and then you will find the personal hotspot Most of us know how to share a hotspot so that's it click on your personal hotspot and then if you do not see USB Tethering go to Other sharing mode or More depending on your cellphone as he has different terms but in the current example for Other sharing mode click on it and then you see that Share phone network via USB Before I turn it on, put me in a computer situation the computer situation is only two he is the Ethernet Adapter is the case if you use Lan cable then e connect it to the back of the PC then Cisco (if you're using a VPN) If you are using Cisco you will only show up on your control panel under Network and Internet then Network Connections now once i have had it on on the Cell Phone Share Phone Network via USB when i was there will come out so she's on blue and then you have left your control panel you have a network adapter to verify that it is your connection if you look below he is connected to Network 7 who Network 7 is he sya now e test you if you have a connection the best thing is to disable him or her but since he didn't use LAN cable so he automatically detects the other because you can detect the computer if there is internet available Now let us test if there is a connection let's check google not just gmail google ok we have a connection try checking youtube

Source: Youtube

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