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How To Stop Your Bottom Bracket From Creaking


– The dreaded creak or click, now, for those of you who watch the GCN Tech Clinic, I'm sure it's all of you, right? You all know just how much I despise those sounds Now, personally, I've never fallen victim to one from a bottom bracket, but I do know that plenty of you have, or, certainly ride with people out there who have got themselves a creaky bottom bracket

So, let's look into how to solve those creaks and clicks (jazzy music) Firstly then, let's actually find out where that sound is coming from, because it might not be from the bottom bracket after all, it's a process of elimination, and we'll start with the easiest things first So, let's actually stand over the bike and then wrestle your handle bars, pretend you're Andre Greipel in the sprint, or something like that, put as much torque as you can through it and see if you've got any creaks or clicks If there is, then it's probably going to be your headset bearings or the interface between stem and bar Give that a grease-up and see if it gets rid of it

Now, does the creak only happen when you're riding along in the saddle? Yeah, right, well take out the seat post and also remove the saddle from the seat post, too Re-grease it or use carbon gripper when necessary, also, a little tip here, it could be to cover the rails of your saddle with some anti-seize or copper paste and then refit it all back together and then go out and have a ride and see if it still creaks Still creaking? Blimey, most people have got it sorted by now! Okay, so it's time to remove your chain set and give it a good clean up on the axle of it as well as the inside of the bearings of your bottom bracket and also the seals, too Then apply some fresh grease to the inside of those bearings, as well as on the axle of your chain set, refit it, go for a ride, creak-free Okay, it's time for the nitty-gritty, then

So, you're going to have to actually remove the bottom bracket from the frame So depending on what type of bottom bracket you have, depends on the tools required to do so So, a press-fit bottom bracket, you are going to need some specialist tools, and the same goes for a traditional bottom bracket where you are going to need one of those notched-style spanners to actually remove that Once they are removed, then clean up both the bottom bracket as well as the bottom bracket shell itself Now, if you've got yourself a traditional style bottom bracket, and when I say traditional, I mean one with threads, so it simply threads into the shell of the bottom bracket, I would recommend trying one of these three methods

Firstly, you could try some copper paste, which has been great in the past when I've had to try to solve this problem for people, then you've got anti-seize as well as some grease, and failing that, you could even try some PTFE tape, which is what plumbers use, 'cause that could even take up a little bit of tolerance differences and eliminate those creaks Remember as well, to torque up the bottom bracket to the manufacturer's recommended torque setting That's very important So, if you have a press-fit type bottom bracket that's creaking and it's inside of either a steel, alloy, or carbon frame, then you could well try a thin layer of high quality grease inside of the shell and then refit the bottom bracket and see if that stops any creaks Failing that, you're gonna need some of this, retaining compound, but how does that work? Well, first of all, you're gonna have to use some of this, which is adhesive primer, which goes on the inside of the bottom bracket shell, allow that to dry, then apply the retaining compound, and when that dries, it actually hardens and expands very, very slightly

So it takes up the difference between the bottom bracket shell and the bottom bracket cups, see what I mean here? So, it's then going to stop any very, very slight movements which could be causing that creaking Now, if you've got a titanium frame out there, well, firstly, I would try some anti-seize first of all, because that seems to have really good results in stopping creaks Now, many people out there, they think to themselves, "Oh, why not just apply this from the start?" Well, as a rule of thumb, if it's not creaking, it doesn't need it, so don't go ahead and put it onto a brand-new build that you're doing at home, because, well, it may well not be needed Now, another option is one of these, which is a bottom bracket for a press-fit bike, but it threads together, so it's kind of going back to a little bit of old-school here, but I like the idea behind it, because it certainly helps out people who have a bottom bracket shell that maybe is not perfectly in line, because when it threads together, the two parts aren't going to be perfectly equal I like the idea behind that

Right, I hope that solved your creaky and clicky bottom bracket, now, if you've got a method that I've not tackled in this video, leave it for me in the comments section down there so I can add it to my notebook of remedies for these annoying problems Believe me, I do, in fact, have one Remember as well to like and share this video with your friends, share it with someone who's got a really annoying, creaking bike, because, well, we don't want them to ride with us if they're that loud, do we? Nah, we do, really, but, well, just get rid of that creak Anyway, remember as well to check out the GCN shop at shopglobalcyclingnetwork

com where we have a whole heap of goodies for you to check out, and now, for another video, this time, how to fit and remove a press-fit bottom bracket, click just down here

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