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    How To Start Car With Broken Key|| Smart key Kharab Hogai||


    Hey Friends, Welcome to A-Jay Vlogs In this video, We'll learn if Smart Key breaks or runs out of battery then how we will start car This Video is applicable for almost all cars Watch it till End Let's get started Have you ever thought Or maybe it Happened to you that Smartkey broke or it ran out of battery then how the car will start Specially when you are Outstation then this can cause you a lot of trouble If you don't know how to start your car then you'll rely on Mechanic and he will charge you a lot for this simple problem, which you can solve yourself If bychance our smartkey gets Damaged or It's battery die then it doesn't mean that our car will be stranded like this or it will not start If car Companies have given us these Technologies they've thought this through With the help of Conventional Key we can unlock our car BUT We don't have any Provision inside to start the key with Conventional Key So, Lets see how will the car start with a damaged key Lets see in this video Friends, as you can see my Smart Key is Perfectly Fine Neither battery is dead nor it's broken So, to demonstrate you guys I'll remove it's battery then we'll see if we can Start the Car or NOt Now

    I am removing the Smart Key Battery If you want to Learn How to change the Battery of Smart Key then you can watch the video by pressing the "i" button on top right corner As you can see I've removed the Battery Now I am left with Motherboard only so our Request Sensor isn't working as you can see We'll have to unlock it with the key only Now the Door is Unlocked Let's remove motherboard from the Key Fob, Now we're left with motherboard only As you guys can see, the warning comes "Key Fob not Detected" The car is not Starting Let's try with taking it near As you can see the MID is still showing the same warning The motherboard has a RFID Tag Let's try touching the tag to the button to start the car Pressing the button with the Motherboard As you can see, the car is now in ACC After pressing one more time Battery turns on Let's press Clutch and try starting the car As you guys can see, the car has started without battery Even now if I move it away, it doesn't affect anything, the car is still on Let's turn off the Car on Pressing again, it's still showing the same warning as I haven't touched it with the button And after pressing, when the Car is asking for Key Fob I can even just pass the button with the motherboard The car turns on The car in ON again without Battery You can start your car like this in Emergency Situations, like dead battery or Inoperative Key Fob If you like the video then do Subscribe to Channel and Press Bell Ion to get all the Notifications

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