54 thoughts on “How To Sign PDF Documents on Any Samsung Galaxy Smartphone (Free and Easy)

  1. Last week I got a t-mobile sim card, yet still have a contract with sprint. This merge is weird af. I can't walk into a t-mobile store and buy a phone. I have to go online to a sprint store and have it shipped. Please make a video about this. Doesn't just affect me!

  2. This is Great, the link didn't work for me but I'm on a S9. I went into notes and seen the new download was available, downloaded and signed a random PDF I had .
    Appreciate the video!

  3. Dear Saki,
    I was download the latest version of S.Notes, but I have not the "PDF" icon in S.Notes, ( on my Samsung M31 ).
    Is it mean that is feature only possiblle on flagship phones ?
    Thanks and sorry for disturbing you.
    Best regards 👑

  4. Hey sakitech i enjoy the iphone videos and we would really appreciate if you make more of them not only will you get more views but more people who enjoy what you do THANKS☺️

  5. This is great to know. It's such a hassle to download, print, scan and then email documents to sign them. The price of ink is frickin' ridiculous. Thanks Saki … another much appreciated video Sir.

  6. How do you get the email to sign the document out of your Gmail into your PDF for how do you do that I don't know how to do that I'm trying to figure out how to do it do you do you take it do you look on your Gmail and look up under something to put it into something else into a PDF file or is that automatically and you can go into your whatever you need to go into can you tell me and help me out I need some help thank you

  7. So I tried it and it didn't work. I followed the link to update notes… It says I'm updated. It lets me import a PDF but there is no bar at the bottom to select pen mode. Any idea why I'm having this issue?

  8. my cell is samsung galaxy a51..and I love to watch your informative videos so please don't forget to make video for Control center edge panel & True amps app free updated video..thanx

  9. You can actually write your signature on a piece of paper and take a pic of it using the Adobe PDF app and it will convert it to a digital signature that you can apply to any PDF. Open the PDF tap on edit create signature or initial, it gives you the option to write it, extract from image, or take a picture. This can be done on Android or IOS.

  10. Hi saki tech I'm having samsung note20 ultra but It's not charging more than 80 percentage even I tried restarting its not working my battery percentage not showing more than 80 percentage

  11. Hi,

    Could you please review any third party stylus if available for Samsung phones which does not have S Pen support for example say Samsung F62 or M51?
    Well I wanted to know if there are any stylus which does not have rubber nibs for Samsung phones that does not have S Pen support


  12. I use Adobe Fill & Sign as I can have the app on both my Samsung Note9 & Laptop as well as my Mac & iPad. My signature is saved for whenever I receive a document that needs signing.

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