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    How to Set Up Your New Dell Computer (Official Dell Tech Support)


    New Dell PCs come with two great applications which provide you with key information about your computer and the tools to help keep your system running at its best; they are Dell SupportAssist and My Dell With SupportAssist, you can tackle virus removal, get issue prediction and detection, and get help with PC optimization

    To get started, in the Windows search box type "SupportAssist" Open the SupportAssist app and complete the necessary registration information If you are using SupportAssist for the first time, we recommend doing an initial full scan So, click on the "Start Now" button and this will calibrate and adjust all the features on your system Afterwards, you'll be ready to take advantage of SupportAssist and all its tools

    My Dell centralizes key Dell applications, features and important system information into one application It helps keep you informed about warranty, help articles, software and accessories In the Windows search box, type "My Dell" Open the My Dell app and follow the instructions to register your device Once finished, you will have access to information an get useful tips regarding your Dell system

    ANYTIME you need help or have questions, you contact us through social media on FACEBOOK or TWITTER You can also chat with other Dell users on the DELL COMMUNITY FORUM We have many other helpful tips and tutorials available on the TECH SUPPORT DELL channel, so be sure SUBSCRIBE today If you liked this video, give it a LIKE and THANKS for watching!

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