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How To Set Up Windows Hello (Official Dell Tech Support)


Microsoft offers a new way to sign in to Windows 10 devices that's not only more secure, but much it's more personal it's called Windows Hello Now with just a look or a simple touch you can sign into your devices, apps, online services and networks Setting up Windows Hello facial recognition Go into Settings, select Accounts, then click on Sign-in options

Before you set up Windows Hello, you need to create a PIN first Click on the Add button to create a PIN Next, you'll see which options are available Starting with face, click Set Up then on Get Started Now, quickly position yourself so your face is in the center of the frame that appears on screen and the camera will do the rest

Add an extra layer of security if your laptop is equipped with a fingerprint reader In Settings, back in Accounts, in the Fingerprint section, click on Set Up If you didn't create a PIN, you will need to that here Click on Get Started and enter your PIN Using one of your fingers, scan it on the sensor

Scanning your finger multiple times will yield a better reading Click on Add Another and repeat the process for another finger When you're done, close the program and you will be able to use the Fingerprint Login on Windows Hello Whenever you need help or have questions you can always reach out to us through social media on Facebook or Twitter, or join in a chat on the Dell Community Forum Be sure to check out our other videos on this channel and if you liked this video, give it a LIKE and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE

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