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How to Set Up Dell Cinema (Official Dell Tech Support)


With Dell's exclusive Cinema technology, you can raise the level of your complete viewing experience In this video, learn how to set up the 3 main components of Dell Cinema

The 3 main components of Dell Cinema are: Watch our video on this channel to learn more about Dell Cinema technology and for details of software requirements and HDR video streaming activation CinemaColor uses advanced hardware and software to deliver the most vibrant visuals possible Type "Dell CinemaColor" into Windows search and open it To activate CinemaColor, toggle the switch to ON Now choose a profile based on what you will be watching: Movie is the default setting, but you can also select Evening, Sports or Animation

Do this for each time your viewing needs change CinemaSound enhances your audio experience with Waves MaxxAudio Pro audio processing solution to give you studio-quality sound Open "MaxxAudioPro" by typing it into Windows search Click on the Playback tile and activate the audio enhancements by toggling the switch Select your output device

Set up the Equalizer and the Bass levels to your liking Activating the toggle under the Dimension tile will enhance the sound of your headphones to virtual surround; boosting volume and clarifying every tone CinemaStream allows you to watch live streaming with less buffering, fewer drops and better resolution Type "Smartbyte" into Windows search and open it Set the toggle to ON to activate it

Click on Speed Test to determine your internet speed If you are having have trouble with your internet connection, please watch our video How to Fix Network Connection Problems Windows 10 which is available on this channel Use the Video option to prioritize video streaming services over other bandwidth-consuming apps or downloads Go into Settings to alter additional advanced setting speeds Remeber, whenever you need help or have questions, you can always contact us through social media on FACEBOOK or TWITTER

Check out the Dell Community Forum where you can chat and share info with other Dell users There are many more helpful TIPS & TUTORIALS available on our Tech Support Dell channel, so be sure to become a SUBSCRIBER If you liked this video, give it a LIKE and THANKS for watching!

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