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How to Set up a Yale | LiftMaster Smart Lock After Adding the Smart Garage Control in the myQ App


Your Smart Garage Control is able to pair with a Yale LiftMaster Smart Lock so you can lock and unlock a door using the myQ app If you started out by pairing your garage door opener to the Smart Garage Control, you’ll need to follow these steps to get your Smart Lock connected

There are two ways to control the Smart lock using the myQ App: The first is local control using the Bluetooth signal from your phone when you’re within range of the lock The other way is from anywhere through the internet using a Wi-Fi connection For this, you’ll need to install the LiftMaster Smart Garage Control within Bluetooth range of the lock But we’ll talk more about that later! Only follow the steps in this video AFTER you have installed the lock hardware, completing all the steps in the fold-out installation manual If you need help with that, visit support

chamberlaingroupcom and search for the Yale/Liftmaster Lock installation video For this demonstration, we’ve installed the lock on the door that leads into the garage The steps we’ll walk through in this video apply to both the Lever and Deadbolt style locks In this overview, we’ll cover: • Preparing the lock for setup in the myQ App • Setting up local control for the lock Then we’ll show you how to: • Pair the lock to the Smart Garage Control Follow the progress menu at the bottom of the screen to see where you are in the setup, or if you need to go back and watch a step over again! This video is intended for demonstration purposes only

Please consult the Quick Start Guide for instructions and safety information Let’s check a few things before we get started First, you need to know your Master Code Your lock may have been installed by someone else, so you may need to set up the Master Code now for the first time Follow the steps for the style of lock you have installed

• For a Deadbolt lock, o Touch the touch screen o Touch the GEAR o Enter a PIN code that is between four and eight digits long o Touch the GEAR o Now touch the screen to complete handing

o That’s it! • For a Lever lock: o Press the GEAR button o Press ONE o Press the GEAR button o Enter a PIN code that is between four and eight digits long o Press the GEAR button

o Your Master Code is set! • Try it out The lock will unlock • Now Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device • Enable location services on your mobile device It’s time to set up your Smart Lock in the myQ App so you can control it locally using your phone’s Bluetooth

Open the myQ app and sign in On the HOME screen tap the PLUS Select Device from the pop up menu Tap ADD NEW Tap Lock Choose the Smart Lock Tap the type of lock that you have installed

We’ll choose the Deadbolt Lock Confirm that your lock is already installed by tapping “LOCK IS INSTALLED” You’ll be reminded about a few things you’ll need: • A strong Wi-Fi connection • Bluetooth enabled on your phone • And • Your phone and lock need to be within Bluetooth range Tap NEXT Remove one battery Tap NEXT There’s a 10 digit serial number located on the NETWORK MODULE Enter the 10 digit serial number in the myQ App, then tap DONE

The app may prompt you to insert your Network Module This should already be in place from when you followed the lock installation instructions If it isn’t, insert it now with the connector facing into the lock Now, go ahead and re-install the battery Put the battery cover back on

Tap NEXT Manually make sure your lock is in the LOCKED position For a Deadbolt lock, touch the screen to make the numbers appear For both Lever and Deadbolt locks, enter the master PIN code then press the Gear icon Press 7

Then press the gear icon again Now Press the red back arrow twice The lock will respond Tap NEXT The app will work on discovering your lock

Your lock’s ten digit serial number will show up on the DISCOVERED screen Tap the lock Let’s name your lock You can either choose a pre-named lock from the list or tap Custom to create your own personalized lock name Tap NEXT

Your lock will be added to your account This may take a few moments Local setup is complete! You will be given the option to continue with WIFI setup We have already set up the Smart Garage Control with a garage door opener Tap “YES, LET’S GET IT ONLINE”

Your Smart Garage Control Hub will be listed in the app Tap your HUB The devices will be paired It may take a moment When pairing is successful, tap NEXT

You’ll be reminded to make sure your HUB is installed within Bluetooth range of the Lock Tap DONE Your new lock is now listed on the HOME screen Tap the icon to control your lock For more information visit support

chamberlaingroupcom Thank you for choosing LiftMaster Thank you for choosing Chamberlain

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