How to see anyone's phone activity in your smartphone? Android/iOS 2020

It's really interesting to see what your friend family member or girlfriend is doing on his or her phone in this video I'll show you exactly how you can see anyone's phone activity including whatsapp Gmail Instagram etc in your Android or iOS smartphone for free it's just like you're watching now hit the like button and subscribe as we move on to the video as you can see I have these two smartphones here on the left will be your phone and on the right it will be the victims phone now pick up the first phone open Google Play Store search for any desk remote control app open this app and install in your font the same you will have to do on the other phone so open play store in the second smartphone and search for the same I need is a remote control app and install it now on your phone on the left you don't have to do anything other than opening the app cancel the plug-in option and go to the home screen on the app that's pretty much all you will have to do on your smartphone other than connecting to the other phone in a minute now we will have to set a few things one time only in the victims phone so let's just open any desk and click on don't show this option again and hit OK now touch anywhere on the screen to hide the tutorial now simply go to menu from here and click on general to set up the connection shortcut from our first one this alias should be easy to remember and should not contain any special character like at the rate or hash symbol if I put an at the rate symbol here it will tell me that it is invalid format for alias so also it should not already be resisted as you can see a movie is already registered so what you can do is go for alphanumeric address and you can include the dash symbol so I will keep it as a mobi 1 – 1 2 3 so it is easy to remember for me now click on register and your connection address will be a more be 1 – 1 2 3 at the read ad here ad stands for any desk you will use this address to connect from our phone to victim's phone now go to Security section in the menu and in the interactive access choose the first option always show incoming connection request another most important setting is to unattended access which you have been able from here it will ask you to set up the password so that we can connect from our first on to this without asking permission from the victim keep the password easy to remember as you will need it for one time only to connect from your own phone here you can include at the rate or hash symbols to make the password strong so I have setup the password as capital M OB one at the rate 1 2 3 which is safe now click OK to save the password other than this you don't need to change any other setting from here in any desk leave every other option as it is you can scroll around to see what options this app offers for your information now go back to menu if you want to explore more features from this app like privacy then you can check out the different options provided in the display settings but you don't need to change anything else in the app there is only one last important setting that you have to change from the phone settings so that the victim have if he or she is shedding his or her phone activity with someone else find app notifications and turn off all notifications for this any desk app this is all you will have to setup now try to connect from our first phone using the alias that we set up and the password we created so in the remote address typing the alias which was mov one – one two three and at the rate ad and press the connection button right next to it now it will ask for the password we created earlier which was capital m OB one at the eighth one two three so type that in and select this option to log in automatically before connecting and now press ok it is showing connected here but waiting for the image because the other phone is locked so unlock the victim's phone and carefully select the don't show again option before starting screen share that's all now you can see the victim's phone activity and he or she will not get any notification from now one neither he or she will know that his or her phone screen activity is being tracked by someone if you see your phone screen there will be a menu to control the screen display you can click to see options in it or simply click on the screen to hide it hold on now whatever application the victim runs you will see every activity in his or her phone for example let's see if the victim opens what's up you can read all his or her messages and see what he or she is doing what sir if you touch your screen nothing will move but you can track all movements of the Whitney's form now let's see if you can watch his emails well absolutely you can because you have everything shown on his screen now you can disconnect and reconnect as many times as you want from this menu over here just touch and hold to disconnect to reconnect again you just have to press the button and there will be a tiny screen shake on the other phone but he or she will he never guess what this happened and you will have his or her phone screen again I hope this video is very helpful please leave a like share this video and comment if you have any questions regarding this application I will try to help you out this is it for this video I will see in the next awesome video namaste

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