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    How to rank #1 on youtube with proof ( beginners guide) | Digital marketing course | Tech Fox Tamil


    [music] So, Hello friends Today our topic will be

    Video Optimization We optimize video because

    when someone searches for a keyword, your video must come front regarding the keyword Only when your video is on top People will click your video so when there is more clicks there will be more views So when you get more views you can easily monitize your youtube channel Let's see this with an example Now i am going to search " Digital Marketing Course in Chennai " Now you can see certain results on the page This page is called Search engine result page ( SERP)

    so the videos are on search engine page of youtube i got so many results regarding " Digital marketing course in Chennai " The first video you see is an Ad which comes under the category of Paid search Now this has not got anything to do with organic search This is an ad by paying money

    We are not going to look at this now so we will look at the videos below it So all these videos are organic results Organic results are videos that are on top without paying money for it so in these videos there is a video called " How to select digital Marketing institute in Chennai " by Amudha Kumar at the first place

    So Amudha kumar video has 35 k views which has been uploaded a year ago then the second video is also Amudha kumar So he has also optimized the video perfectly so the third video is our video " Tech fox tamil "

    our video from tech fox tamil is in 3 rd position Our video on "Digital Marketing course in Chennai" has been on third result How was that possible ? with just 19 views compared to others with 35k , 290 , 13k , 14k views

    according to Youtube, when your video has many views it will top the list Not only that all the other videos are uploaded a year ago except my video my video was just uploaded just 2 hours before with less views and recent upload of my video It has reached the top result

    in third position So how was this possible I haven't signed in also because when you sign in and upload your video and search Your video will come on top because you have signed in

    i have not signed in and also not applied any filters Filters will give you result on how you want example Today , Last hour uploaded videos so i have not applied any filters so without filters when a normal person search for that keyword, My video appears in top So when your video is on top there will be more clicks and views

    but if your video is in back, no one will click that video Not only that this video is my first video on Digital marketing course Youtube uses another algorithm based on that if you frequently publish your videos on certain topic like " digital Marketing" automatically your video will come on the first place but here also this is my first video, still it appears on third position

    So i have used certain techniques which i will teach you to make your videos come on top like my video so we will cover these topics on " Video Optimization "

    Source: Youtube

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