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    How to Profit From the Coming Tech Boom – Paul Mampilly


    Hey everyone, this is Paul with your Bold Profits Daily! This week I want to show you a phenomenal opportunity that is sitting right in front of your very eyes In fact, if you have been watching the coverage from CES 2019

    and CES is the Consumer Electronics Show this trade would seem so obvious, so clear, and there's only really one way this can go to me: up, up, and up Now if you are walking around and say, yes I'll go on YouTube and watch vloggers like Linus and Marques Brownlee, everything that they are talking about, touching, testing, they all have one thing in them Many of you might say plastics No – it's true! – however, I believe that the trade in plastics is long done No, they have something else in them that's much more important and it's more important because you can buy into it and still make a ton of money, a ton of money, and what's that? Those are computer chips

    That's right, everything from artificial intelligence, TVs, all the different robots that were there, all the new devices, the virtual reality machines, the augmented reality, all of those things, they depend on chips If in another time, we needed cement and steel to create the world that we currently have for the revolution that is happening today off the internet of things and for robotics and artificial intelligence and the general digitization of our entire society and of the way we live The key to it are computer chips and I believe that these stocks can go up and go up a lot from where they are That's because when you go look at them today no one is really pricing the fact that in time, we will have walls made out of chips, we will have floors made out of chips, we will have blinds made out of chips Everything around us will be digitized and it will give us information, it will be able to read our habits, remember them, just imagine blinds that remember when you wake up in the morning, are sensitive based on light, alarm clocks that set themselves, cars that know where to go based on your habit, they will all ultimately depend on various kinds of chips

    So how can you bet on computer chips and all this huge digital revolution that is happening right now? Well the way to do it is through an ETF and that ETF has the ticker symbol SMH – that's right, S M H and this ETF has virtually all of the chip stocks from the United States and from around the world because chip-making is a global industry There's chips that are used everywhere, however the leading manufacturers, the leading designers of chips are largely in the United States, Europe, and in major parts of Asia So you will get exposure to companies that include Intel, even though really Intel is in some ways a spent force because they focus largely on the computer chips and the future is really about all those things that I talked about at first, which is artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, and even new energy, and all of these new devices, you know, they all use a ton of chips, so the way to get into that is to buy into the SMH ETF, which is the van eck semiconductors ETF, and I've recommended this ETF many times before, and yes it's had a very difficult time in 2018, however, I believe that the semiconductors are going to have a good 2019 and an even better 2020 because volumes are recovering for all of them and that's the critical factor for ETFs, and looking at what is going on at CES will tell you that future volumes are going to be many times greater, multiples and multiples greater than whatever this industry produces right now and the only way to benefit is to buy these stocks Now, if you want to get the really really large gains, the huge gains, the multiple hundred percent gains, thousand percent gains, you have to own individual stocks So here comes my shameless plug for one of my services

    If you want to get those names, we have those in two of my services – the bigger chip stocks are in my Profits Unlimited service and so you want to check my Profits Unlimited service out where we have something like eight different chip stocks that are laser focused on those big mega trends that I always talk about – the Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, new energy, they have direct exposure there and so while the SMH ETF will go up a lot the stocks in Profits Unlimited will go up that much more So that's my recommendation for you think for this week and that's my video update for you this week Buy the SMH ETF, and if you want individual stocks check into my Profits Unlimited service So I'll have a new one for you next week Until then this is Paul, saying bye!

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