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How To Post On A Facebook Business Page From A Smartphone


– In this video, I'm gonna show you how to post on a Facebook business page from your smartphone There's actually a better app to use for this than the regular Facebook app

All right, let's get into it (upbeat music) What's up busy people Welcome to five minute social media If you are struggling, frustrated at all with your social media marketing for your business, you feel like that the average that you're putting out are nothing in compared to little bit that you're getting in return You're in a great place

Every week, we help you out with a quick video to help you with the different piece of you social media marketing strategy So, that sounds like something you could use Take a second, hit subscribe, click that bell (bell ringing) And that way you'll be notified each week when we release another helpful video My name is Jerry Potter, yes it rhymes with the boy wizard, and today I'm gonna show you how to schedule posts on a Facebook business page from your smartphone

There's actually a better app to use for this than the regular Facebook app, It's called the Facebook Pages Manager app So if you don't have that yet, make sure to download that at the end of the tutorial, I've got the links in the description of this video So I'm in the Facebook Page Manager app on my business page, and I'm gonna start by just selecting publish here on the left if you wanted to do a photo or video, you could also go right to there, but let's go to the main publish window I tap that, just like any post you can start typing here, down here these are all the colored backgrounds if you wanted to do a text post with colored background, and just below that I'm gonna tap this row that says add to your post with these camera icons, and everything else on the right here And that brings up all of your different post options here

So camera would be if were gonna take a picture or a video live now, photo video would be to select something from your camera roll, background color, those are the colored backgrounds like we just talked about Live video to do a Facebook live, check in, these are all different options, just like on a Facebook business page on your computer So, let's go ahead and select something, I'm gonna go ahead and choose this video, for an upcoming free workshop I have from my camera roll, and then you're gonna go ahead and add your caption, when your post is all set, you just hit continue here on the upper right corner Then it says when will this be published, publish now it says underneath, so if I just go ahead and hit publish, it will go up right away But instead, I can tap on this arrow here on the right

Gives me the option to switch to schedule later, then I just choose the time that I want the post to go up, hit done Now you'll notice it says when will this be scheduled, scheduled for later, the button on the upper right has changed from publish to the word schedule instead I tap schedule, and that's it, it's done Now, if you made a mistake, you wanna go back and delete it or change the time, or maybe you didn't want to schedule it for later, you wanted to schedule it right away In order to do that, down here on the lower right, you see this little toolbox

I click on that, and then on this menu I can click scheduled posts, and the three dots here on the right, tap that, this allows me to reschedule it, publish it right away, or delete it entirely I can't edit the caption here, so if you were to add up the caption, you gotta have to do it on the desktop, or you could, of course just create the post from scratch again, if that was an option All right again, if you don't have the Facebook Pages Manager app yet, I've got links to the app, in both the Google Play Store and the App Store for iPhones and iPads in the description of this video If this was helpful please let me now by giving this video a like, hit subscribe, you're not only supporting me but also my two tiny superheroes at home

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