How to Make a Hoverboard at Home | M4 Tech |

Hi Friends Welcome Back To M4 Tech In this video we will show you How to make a Electric Hoverboard So everyone has a doubt about How to make this kind of hoverboard So lets Go To the workshop First of all we have to mark a piece of plywood Its About 1m length and 40cm width So lets cut the board as per the video Threw Hand cutting is too hard so lets cut as per the video next procedure is take a old piece of skating board and screw it out with a pair of wheel then screw the wheel on the front portion of the board and the back side we are using a baby cycle wheel screw the wheel as per the video so the next step is take a baby cycle back wheel with 12inch size then take 2 angles and screw it on inspect the wheel shaft rotating properly mesure the distance between 2 angles then copy it on the board for cutting and this small portion for connecting a chain screw the wheel attached angles on the board help of screws now lets put the chain on the freewheel with a chain connector take a old cycle gear bucket cut and remove the pedel put the chain on the gear like this and fix it on the board with the help of 2 clamps we are using a hand drill for our engine section of the hoverboard tight the gear shaft with the drill then lets check if it work ? wow its working properly so the engine work is finished and now we have to make a controlling section lets cut a brake lever from your old cycle we are controlling the drill trigger with the help of this brake liver connect the cable like this put a stopper on the end of the cable then inspect its working quality now the work is completed lets go for a ride

Source: Youtube