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    How to Install Card Reader Driver Windows 10 (Official Dell Tech Support)


    The memory Card Reader, also known as a media card reader, needs a driver to communicate with your PC By having the most recent version of this driver, you get the latest bug fixes and the best transfer functionality possible

    In our Driver Series videos, we provide the instructions for proper driver installation whether you want to install only the Card Reader driver or you have reformatted your OS and need to install multiple drivers; in which case, Card Reader is the seventh driver on the list Go to our website at dellcom/support Enter your service tag or use detect PC On the Product support page

    select Drivers and Downloads Verify that the correct operating system of your PC is selected within the operating system option In the category field, select Chipset; there may also be an option for SD Card Now, look for the driver with card reader in the name Download and install it and follow the steps

    That's it, the Card Reader driver is now installed If you are reformatting, move on to the next video in this series on the list Don't forget that whenever you need help or have questions you can always contact us through social media on Facebook or Twitter Check out all our other helpful tutorials on this channel and if you liked this video, be sure to give it a LIKE and become a Subscriber today Thanks for watching!

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