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How to Install and Use Dell Mobile Connect (Official Dell TEch Support)


Dell Mobile Connect enables you to link your Smartphone with your PC Use your PC's keyboard, mouse, and speakers, even the touchscreen, as if they were part of your phone

Dell Mobile Connect uses a point-to-point connection in which there is a PC side application, preinstalled on all new Dell PCs, and a smartphone side application, that you download from your favorite App Store for free Follow these steps for the installation and linking of the app for both your computer and phone On your PC, go into your App Store, search for the "Dell Mobile Connect" application and install it Once it's installed, launch the app For your Smartphone, search for Dell Mobile Connect in your App Store and download it, or scan the QR Code shown in the screen

Launch the app and click on "Pair with a PC" Type the code shown in the screen and click Next Verify that the PIN number code is the same as the one displayed on the phone BT dialogue, and then select Yes; and then on Finish Launch the app in your phone and follow the Wizard to set permissions, allow the send/receive SMS messages functionality, notifications, and any other options desired With the Dell Mobile Connect app installed, configured and launched, in your PC you will see the following tabs: Notifications which includes a list of pending notifications on your phone

Dialer Pad for calls is a dialer screen that allows insertion of a phone number to be dialed by using either the buttons on screen or through the PC's keyboard Access to your phone's Contact List is just that From here you make a call or send a text message (Send and receive SMS) Messages opens the SMS messaging screen and reveals a log of text conversations Click on a conversation to open it for new text entry

Mirroring will show the phone's current screen onto your PC's screen so you can interact using your mouse or by touchscreen Additional tabs include Settings, Disconnect and Do Not Disturb options If you still need help or have any questions, contact us through social media on FACEBOOK or TWITTER Be sure to check out our other helpful tips and tutorials on this channel, and SUBSCRIBE today If you liked this video, give it a LIKE and THANKS for watching!

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