How to connect your mobile phone to the car via Bluetooth – BMW How-To

With Bluetooth connectivity you can pair …

8 thoughts on “How to connect your mobile phone to the car via Bluetooth – BMW How-To

  1. I purchased your BMW x7 few months ago. 
    This iDrive 7.0 software is VERY BUGGY!.
    Half of the time my iPhone can't connect to the bluetooth. The mobile app that you offer Does Not work. I have talked to your tech support about 3-4 weeks ago. I have a ticket number and when I call to inquire your BMW reps tell me that these tickets take time and it may be another month. So you show all this technology here in these videos which is nice.. But your Mobile app Completely does NOT work.

    I have tried with my sales rep.
    I've tried through your direct BMW 800 tech number
    This is my 12th BMW and gotta say….
    I never do any public reviews.. But Your New iDrive 7.0 SUCKS!!
    Options are nice.. but non of the mobile functions work.

    The iDrive also is very unreliable. It keeps being glitchy
    One day volume doesn't work.
    Another day XM radio doesn't work.
    Bluetooth keeps disconnecting
    It doesn't remember my login and pass to the iDrive 7.0 remote user functions.
    Sometime the system freezes where I have to hold the Volume button for 30 seconds to restart the onboard computer.

    Very very buggy Technology

    I'm a BMW fan but I cannot get any help whatsoever from the company I purchased 12 cars from over the past 15 years!

    Very disappointing

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