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How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones ? or Speakers ? to a Computer or Smartphone ??


Hello everybody! In this video, I’m going to show you how to connect Bluetooth headphones or speakers to a computer or smartphone Every day, Bluetooth devices such as hands-free sets, headphones and portable speakers are becoming more and more popular

The main reason behind this popularity is that you can forget about all those wires and move around your house or flat while speaking on the phone – instead of having to stay close to your gadget So if you face any difficulties in connecting a Bluetooth device like that – this video must be come in handy In a few seconds you will learn how to connect Bluetooth speakers or headphones to a desktop computer, laptop or smartphone, what problems you may encounter and how they can be solved So, let’s begin How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a smartphone With connecting things to your smartphone After all, phones were the first gadgets to receive Bluetooth support While earlier versions only supported mono signal and the only way you could use the new feature was for everyday conversations on the phone, present-day models turn your hands-free set into fully-functional headphones good enough to enjoy your favorite music

So these days, all modern gadgets support Bluetooth by default To start using headphones, you should get the two devices connected On your phone or tablet PC, go to Settings, find Bluetooth and turn it on Switch the headphones into the search mode by pressing and holding the power button until the light begins flashing Open the Bluetooth menu on your phone and start searching for available devices

Tap on the headphones name and wait until the two devices get connected Enter a pairing code if the system requires it This code is usually given in the headphones manual, and the default value could be 0000 (four zeroes) This sequence is the same for all operating systems Now you can turn Bluetooth off to save the battery charge

Next time you turn Bluetooth on, the phone will recognize the headphones automatically and have them connected How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a desktop PC or laptop Now let’s find out how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a desktop computer or laptop Pairing wireless headphones with a laptop is the easiest task, as all laptops have a built-in Bluetooth module In case of a desktop PC, you will need a special Bluetooth adapter So if you use a laptop, just turn the Bluetooth module on

If you deal with a desktop PC, plug the adapter into one of its USB ports and check if it’s ready for use Start Device Manager by right-clicking on the Start menu and clicking on the corresponding line The Device Manager should display corresponding elements properly If it shows you a line like “Bluetooth peripheral device,” download and install a special driver for your laptop from the manufacturer’s website When you connect a Bluetooth adapter to the computer, proper drivers will be installed automatically

Switch the headphones into the search mode by pressing and holding the power button for 10 to 15 seconds until the light begins flashing In the system tray on your computer, find the Bluetooth icon, right-click on it and select “Add a Bluetooth device” Windows will run a scan for all available devices of this type Click on the name of your hands-free set and confirm pairing After that, try listening to an audio file – you should hear the music in your headphones

Next time, all you need for listening to music in the headphones will be to turn them on You have to go through the previous steps for pairing the set with the desktop computer or laptop only when you connect it for the first time Sometimes, the operating system may ask you for a pairing code when you connect the headphones If such code is not given in the user manual for your hands-free set, the default value should be 0000 (four zeroes) How to connect wireless Bluetooth speakers to a desktop PC or laptop Finally, let’s find out how to connect wireless Bluetooth speakers

Basically, it’s the same procedure as for the headphones: if it’s a laptop, turn the Bluetooth module on, if it’s a desktop PC, plug the Bluetooth adapter in Go to the Start menu and click on “Settings” Choose “Devices” and click on “Add Bluetooth or other device” Now turn the speaker on and switch it to pairing mode Now, an important thing

The Bluetooth indicator on the speaker should be blinking frequently Such blinking means that other Bluetooth devices can detect the speaker and get connected Usually, all you need to do is to press and hold for some time the Bluetooth button (with a corresponding symbol on it) or the power button After that, select “Bluetooth” on the computer It starts searching for available devices

The speaker should appear on the list Click on it to see a window saying that the wireless speaker is now connected That is all – click this button to finish things up Now the sound will be broadcast to the Bluetooth speaker you have just paired to your computer If you have another set of speakers for listening to music, just power the wireless speaker off

for a while How to connect a wireless speaker to a computer with a cable! Also, you can connect a portable speaker to a computer with a special cable – provided that the speaker has an AUDIO IN jack To get the two devices connected, you will need a 35 mm mini jack cable like that (with plugs on either end) Usually, such cable comes supplied with the speaker

Plug one end of the cable into the speaker, And the other – into an audio out jack on a laptop or desktop computer This way, the sound will be played through the connected portable speaker until you disconnect it, or change the default output device in Windows sound settings How to connect Bluetooth speakers to a smartphone Finally, let’s see how you can connect Bluetooth speakers to a smartphone There’s nothing too complicated as the procedure is very similar to connecting Bluetooth headphones For starters, enable Bluetooth on both devices

With most portable speakers, you can turn on Bluetooth by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button for 8 or 10 seconds It will make the light-emitting diode blink – which means the Bluetooth mode is enabled Usually, it is turned on for 30 seconds To turn on Bluetooth on a smartphone, open the settings menu and select the corresponding option Otherwise, you can find it by swiping down the phone screen

After that, use the smartphone to find available devices Search for available devices Keep in mind that you can enjoy good quality signal as long as the distance between the phone and the speaker is less than 8 or 10 meters When the list of available Bluetooth devices is ready, select the speaker (you can find it by name) The identification process starts, and when the phone detects the speaker, the phone will “remember” it

Then pairing process begins and you may need to give a special code Generally, the default value is 0000 (four zeroes), but some Bluetooth speaker models may use a different set of digits – in that case, this information can be found in their user manual file After that, the devices will be ready to work together – the phone will broadcast sound by Bluetooth when the speaker is turned on, and they will pair automatically every time The last thing to remember is that Bluetooth speakers and headphones cannot work with several devices at the same time; to pair them with another device you need to open the smartphone or computer settings to disconnect the speaker or headphones from the device they are paired with now That’s all for now! I hope this video was useful for you

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