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How to Combine Internet from Ethernet and a Tethered Smartphone on a Raspberry Pi


Hi, I’m Alex from Connectify, and today I’ll show you how you can combine internet from an ethernet connection and a tethered smartphone on a Raspberry Pi If all the available internet you have to work with is a weak ethernet connection and your phone’s mobile data, you can actually combine the bandwidth from those two connections on a Raspberry Pi using Speedify, for a faster, more reliable connection

First, connect the Raspberry Pi to an ethernet connection All you need to do is plug one end of an ethernet cable into the ethernet port on the Pi and the other end into a wall port or router Next, plug your phone into the Pi via USB and enable mobile tethering from your phone’s settings If you’re using an iPhone, you’ll need to install usbmuxd or a similar plugin on the Pi in order for your phone to connect Do this using the command “apt install usbmuxd”

Now, install Speedify on the Raspberry Pi if you don’t already have it Installation instructions are available at getspeedifycom After you open Speedify, it’s time to start combining connections by turning Speedify on! You can log in to your account on the Speedify UI or via the command line interface

When you launch it, Speedify automatically detects your 2 active connections If you’re using the Pi graphically, you’ll see them contained inside Connection Bubbles near the top of the Dashboard Click the switch on You are now combining connections using the magic of Channel Bonding for faster speeds, better reliability, and air-tight security Be sure to give us a thumbs up and subscribe! Tap the bell for notifications, so you can stay up to speed on all our latest content!

Source: Youtube

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