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How To Clean A Cyclo-cross Bike Like A Pro Mechanic


– All right, so, the rain has started to fall here at the Trek CXC Cup and I've got Mike Berry, one of the mechanics at the cannondale-cyclocrossworldcom team and we're going to go back over to your trailer and we're going to learn how to clean one of these bikes

– Absolutely – All right (intense woosh) (upbeat music) Today, we're at the Trek CX Cup in Waterloo, Wisconsin for the second round of the Cyclocross World Cup The skies opened up and the rain started coming down and the riders and mechanics were in for a muddy day of it Michael Berry from cannondale-cyclocrossworld

com racing team was kind enough to take us through how they get the bike back up and running after a nasty day of racing Okay Mike, so, we've got the bike back here It is, it's pretty muddy They had to switch because of the tires I think, right? – Yep! Yeah, these mixes were not quite enough grip for once it started raining so, we pitted for a little more aggressive tire – Yeah, yeah, mud tire

So, the bike's dirty, you're bringing it back here to the Cannondale booth, where you're going to clean it all off and, it's a little bit different than a race scenario like, what would you do in a race scenario, a bike rider comes into the pit – In a race scenario, it's primarily working on cleaning the mud off, really not worrying too much about degreasing chains, just really getting the heavy stuff off, heavy stuff off the tires, off the break levers, off the saddle – Yep – Reducing the weight from the mud – Yeah, cause sometimes you're going to turn a bike back to a rider in (snaps) – In half a lap

– Yeah, four minutes – Four minutes – Yeah, exactly, okay All right, well then, we're going to watch you rip this thing down and get it cleaned up – Cool

(upbeat music) – Mike, so, tell us what's going on here You've got a special, you've got different brushes for different things – Yep So, it's a quite smaller nylon brush for the chain cassette – Yep

– Really helps knock the heavy stuff off – Okay – And then there's bigger softer brush for wheels, tires and frame – Right, and is with horse hair? – This is horse hair, yeah – Yeah, so that doesn't pick up any of the grease, right? – Yep! Yeah, you can get it dirty and it, it just washes clean

– Yeah, right, I love that Okay, and the uh, and this obviously has a lot of grass on it this is the course that's like, going to get beaten up and chewed up but, grass it always a little brutal 'cause it gets in everything – It gets in everything It gets in the pulley wheels Definitely have to make sure you clean out the pulley wheels, the pressure washer will take care of a lot of that

– You can't leave these dirty in your garage You need to be really quick about getting the mud off these – Yep Get the mud off, you want to make sure, obviously, that it uh, it doesn't, no water water gets down inside, in where the glue is Especially when it's dry and dusty, you want to get that stuff off as well

– Yeah – It'll do just as much damage as the water will – Yeah, all right All right, we're going to watch you blast this down (chill music) So, we got all this stuff off of it, power washed it, gotten all the big stuff off

You can still see there's still a little bit of debris from this grass – We'll clean out the rest of the grass back on the stand, when we lube it up – Okay – Dry it down – So, we're going to bring it in now? – Yep! – 'Kay, to the dry – To the dry

(chill music) – Okay, so, we're back in This is like getting your hair done a little bit We're at the salon, we've been outside, we got a nice, it was dirty! – We got a shampoo Yep, we got a shampoo and now we're back here for the finishing touches – That's right Okay, so, now, you bring it in, you're going to dry It all off tell us about what's going to happen now

– So, from here, it's going to get a little more detail pull the wheels off, dry things up more so than what we were dealing with outside We'll lube the chain, make sure everything's good, inspect the tires, inspect the handlebar tape, make sure, this bike did go down so, we'll make sure everything's good – Got it And, the reason that you take the wheels off, obviously, this bike this bike didn't have, it probably only had eight minutes of racing before it got back to you, presumably? – Yes Yeah, yeah

But, it is something, you pull the wheels off just so we can clean 'em better, we can make sure we get all the debris out – For the people that are home, it's also a good time probably to like, check bearing, I mean, just to – Yep, absolutely

This the time to, your bike just got raced, you want to make sure that it's back to race tomorrow – Yeah, right Okay (chill music) For the super grassy ones, you're just pullin' those out – Just pull the pulley's out

Make sure you get all the grass out from inside It'll definitely start to get into the bearings and slow you down – Yeah, the longevity here, it's going to go a lot longer – Yep, absolutely – Yeah

(chill music) You're just drying off these cod sidewalls, you don't want them, presumably– – Yeah, you don't want to keep 'em wet, you want to, I don't know, get all the mud, get all the debris off, definitely keep 'em dry – What happens if we keep them wet? – They will start to rot They are a cotton casing so, they will rot – It's like a pillowcase – Like a pillowcase

– A wet pillowcase – (laughing) Yes (chill music) – Each chain link? – Each chain link You start at the quick link, and you put one dab on each link, work your way all the way through, wipe the excess off and you're done (chill music) – All right, and that's it! – That's it

– It's done – It's done – So, thank you so much for taking it through, the bike looks brand spankin' new – It's ready to race tomorrow – Great, all right

Thank you so much, Mike – Thank you (chill music)

Source: Youtube

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