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How to buy a USED/SECOND HAND Smartphone: 5 Things to Know!


In this video, I’ll take you through a few things I’ve found out and a few things I’ve researched on how to buy a used smartphone and the 5 things you should know before you spend your money on a used smartphone today and this video is brought to you by BusinessDay Without further ado, let’s get to the video

Have you ever come across something like, Bros, UK USED iPhone 6s 100k brand new na 180k, for some reason UK used iPhones are always “still so good” here in Nigeria and UK used smartphones are basically synonymous already to used or second smartphones This video is simply going to be me giving you a few tips and things I’ve found out myself Flagship smartphones are already become more and more expensive, and quoting Mrwhosetheboss, there’s already a psychological price ceiling or a maximum price of $1,000 dollars which roughly translates to 360,000 Naira Spending that much on a smartphone when a new version would be released in a few months seems like a reach for some people so alot of people buy used flagship smartphones at a much much lower price getting the same value for less To start with, I ran a mini poll on Twitter with just over 600 people and this was the answer

Nearly half of the people who voted or over 40% of them say that they find some sort of value in buying a smartphone so Yes, they liked it and only 17% of them hated it In my life time of smartphone usage, I’ve owned and used over 50 smartphones and out of them I’ve bought 2 as used and by the way this picture is a real picture that I took and I also share some interesting stuff on my Twitter which I think you should check out It’s just @fosudo, and I share a lot of things on there The first fairly used phone I got was over the counter and it was my first one ever I only tested to see if it came on and it wasn’t too scratched or broken and the battery was intact

The second one was a more recent smartphone which I got off of Jiji which is a website where people like you and me can buy and sell pre-owned things and we’ll talk about that in a bit The first thing I’d like to talk about is the platform or where you want to seek this second hand smartphone Usually the best place to buy a refurbished smartphone is from the company directly Apple has a Certified Refurbished program that comes with a 1 year warranty You get to see different products and can save over 350 dollars on some of them

Also, If you go on Amazon, it’s easy to find Certified Refurbished or Renewed smartphone for sale, Amazon is very reputable and they use a rating system to let you know a lot more about the device you want to buy and people’s experiences with that seller The better the rating, the easier it is to trust them In Nigeria here, locally, sites like Jiji and formerly OLX are sites where people like you and me can put up adverts for items we want to sell and we also get to find out these items and try to buy them ourselves On sites like these things to look out for are the ratings like I mentioned, see if any sort of warranty is offered, its usually like a short term warranty but that’s usually fine If possible, let there be a return policy

Make sure you read the description thoroughly and know what product you’re buying exactly If there’s a way you can contact the seller, please do so, on a site like Jiji, they show you the seller’s phone number and they also have a Live chat platform where you can chat directly with the seller What to ask the seller: Now, when I made a purchase of my smartphone online I had to know a few things First off, I had to know the condition of the device, I asked the seller to send images of all sides of the device and preferably a video The seller sent a video

You also want to know the age of the device, how long has it been released and how long it has been out there, usually for most fairly used flagships, it’s 1-2 years The price would already have been displayed since it’s an online platform and if you can, you might be able to still negotiate or know of any extra tax or delivery charge that might accrue The next thing I’d like you to know about when buying a fairly used smartphone is the pre-owned condition, in other words, find out if it wasn’t a stolen phone or one that was repaired This would work when you’re considering buying offline or when the seller you contacted online brings the device to you A demonstration first? This is my iPhone, it’s a XS Max and more often than not people tend to buy iPhones fairly used and high end Android devices like the Pixel and Samsung S series fairly used

This tool called IMEIinfo which I’ll leave a link to in the description below will show me everything I need to know about this iPhone based on its IMEI info Here we go Firstly on my iPhone/any iPhone or the one you want to buy, dial *#06# and you will get a pop up showing you your IMEI number, if you don’t then my dude, run this code should work on all phones Then go to IMEI info, just 9 characters and input the IMEI you just saw, and you’ll see all the details to know whether it’s the actual iPhone as they claim it is with some more details and not something else Android devices are much harder to know exactly because they’re easy to wipe However going into the settings and checking for the existing accounts would help you know if it wasn’t pre-owned

Unless of course, it’s been wiped That is the first step in knowing about the pre-owned condition of the device now you have to examine other physical aspects or looks of the phone You should check for dents, check to see if the phone is charging if you can so a powerbank would be quite handy and speaking of powernanks the battery life is a major thing worthy of note On your iPhone if you go to battery and battery health, you will most likely see just how much it is and how much of capacity of your battery is at the maximum On Android devices and even iPhones, you can download the Pro version of Geekbench 4 to see battery data

Although, some Android devices with their custom roms go deep into the battery specs In the earlier part of this video, I mention that people get to check out the company’s website itself for Refurbished sales That’s great Also, something to consider is swapping Many people today already have great smartphones, some okay ones and putting that online in exchange for another higher one is super super common

Currently in computer village, Lagos There are offers to swap something like the iPhone X for a XS Max and you only get to pay half the price when you’re giving a 1 year old flagship for a brand new device I’ve bought 2 XS Max and that’s something I did for a 3rd one Recently on Twitter as well, TECNO announced that they would start taking old smartphones for a new one and you also get a discount when you get a screen protector All in all, reading the fine print is what matters in these cases so you know what to expect and of course, in choosing your smartphone, the same thing applied when you want to buy any phone and you check out my channel for more interesting review

That’s pretty much it Those are my top tips for getting a fairly used, second hand or uk used smartphone Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below Thank you for watching and I’ll talk to you in the next one

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