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How Smart Locks Can Fuel a Smart Home Addiction | SafeWise


Let's roll (dramatic music) Warning: smart door locks can lead to experimentation with other smart home devices

If you or someone you love has an electronic door lock, stay tuned to find out how these sneaky smart devices can take over your home, making everything more secure and more convenient Electronic locks have been around since the 70s, so they are far more pervasive than you might think In fact, smart locks are usually hiding in plain sight You might see one at your neighbor's house, find one at your best friend's house or an electronic lock could even be lurking at your parents' house But how do you know for sure that you've come face to face with a smart lock? Let's find out

First of all, they're gonna be bigger than a standard lock or a deadbolt This is what's going to be on the inside of a home If you see this on the inside of a door, then you know there's a smart lock in the house They're also going to have a keypad It's because you can open the lock without using a key

Tricky And many smart locks use Bluetooth Bluetooth locks will usually have LED lights and that's a dead giveaway that something smart is going on The most common side effects of electronic locks are convenience and security but some long term users, who move on to bigger and better smart home devices may also experience savings and energy efficiency Let's dig a little deeper into convenience

There's no more fumbling for your keys while you're juggling backpacks, kids, or bags of groceries And when it comes to security, gone are the days of stashing a spare key under the welcome mat or using an obvious hide-a-key rock House sitters, dog walkers, kids who need to get in after school, you can give all of them a personalized code or electronic key that you can change or cancel at any time There will be no more worry about lost keys out there in the world that could give a stranger access to your home You'll know you're in trouble if you start browsing the internet or stalking the aisles of Home Depot for things like smart lightbulbs, smart thermostats or a smart home hub like Amazon Echo or Google Home

If you feel the need for fancier, trickier gadgets to keep you excited about home automation, these are the smart home devices you need to watch out for Smart lighting You can find smart light bulbs on porches, they're in living rooms, or even in a front hallway or a bedroom Once you get your hands on a smart lightbulb, it's only a matter of time before you set a routine to automatically turn the lights on when the door is locked or unlocked Smart plugs are another culprit

These sneaky little buggers can turn anything that plugs into an outlet into a smart device A coffee pot, your Crock-Pot, the TV, your flat iron, your kid's nightlight or sound machine You name it, these things can become smart with a smart plug And, finally, we have smart home hubs These are highly dangerous because they trick you into thinking they're just fun little devices that you can talk to or ask about the weather

Amazon Echo or Google Home can coordinate all of your smart devices to work together And once you have routines set up, all you have to do to indulge your craving for home automation is tell Google or Alexa to "Turn on the light," "Lock the door," or "Make sure I turned off the iron" At first glance, keyless locks may seem harmless, even helpful, but if you don't watch out, you could find yourself going down a path that leads to more and more smart home gadgets Before you know it, you'll wake up to a home that's the perfect temperature, with the stimulating scent of coffee already permeating the air Your life will be full of smart home routines and automated support

(sigh) But you can get help For more information about the effects of smart home devices and how they can lead to extra security, simplicity, and even savings, check out all of our home automation buyer's guides on SafeWisecom

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