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How machine learning is changing everything: tech's big watchword explained


[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER: I go to my grandmother's house Well, because she gives us candy

Well, I read there sometimes MURRAY SHANAHAN: In the good old days, a lot of AI programming was all about hand coding the details of the program And of course, we humans, we learn as children We learn by interacting with the world And what we've been able to do in recent years is, we've got much better at building computer programs that themselves learn from experience

FAN HUI: So it's like, today, Alpha Go can play the move– we never know– we'd never played like this And we know the AI is more stronger than humans at the Go game Because think about this, if we don't have the AI, if we don't have Alpha Go, maybe we need 100 years, even more, to discover something we never play, we never try

Source: Youtube

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